thursday poll: edition 134

yesterday we introduced you to our newest line, “new romantics” (if you missed it, read about it here), so today i wanted to ask which of these beautiful new romantics pieces you like best!

the cala luna tunic:

the asymmetrical sea top:
asymmetrical sea top

the fringe cami tunic:
fringe cami

the first bloom maxi dress:
first bloom maxi

the one shoulder top:
one shoudler top

or the windows on the world top:
windows on the world

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one shoulder top is very nice

13 years ago

i am not shock at vote result

13 years ago

the two I like the most are [so far]the least popular… but they are so lovely & different! I appreciate that free people offers garments that are unique in their design, they are not vintage patterns, but they have that same flare of style- like folded ribbon work on a 40’s dress, or assymetrical hems and collars, little old-fashioned details brought back & expressed in such a fresh & spirited way. So pretty.

13 years ago

omg these are all so chav!

13 years ago

I love love the fringe cami tunic.

13 years ago

i am in love with the cala luna tunic, but the shoulders were so wide that it kept falling off! it looks beautiful on every girl in the catalogue, though! i bought the must-haves windows top in black, and i am in love with it and wear it to work all the time!

13 years ago

I’m in love with all the lace and splashes of floral prints everywhere!! btw does anyone know the models name on the last picture?