what’s in your bag?

i always loved that scene from the breakfast club where ally sheedy dumps out her giant bag, revealing all the clutter she carried around.  maybe because i’m the same way… my friends make fun of me because i always have so much pointless stuff in my bag and it takes me forever to find my keys in it.

it’s fascinating to see what’s inside peoples’ bags, it gives you a little peek into their personality. here our some of ours!

our office coordinator:

graphic designer:

creative design assistant:

graphic designer:


creative director:


and me:

p.s. thanks A. for the awesome idea!


  1. this is really cool…i love snooping around people´s bags hehe. are you going to show a sneak peek of the march catalog? cant wait …:)

  2. How do all of these ladies have like nothing in their purses???!?! Mine is sooo packed with clutter.

  3. omg!! Botany of Desire!!! i’m reading that book for AP Bio class!!! pretty good read…what-do-you think?

  4. I love seeing what people carry in their bags!! I love that floral key ring in the first picture too! Does anyone know where I can find one?

  5. SO cute!! so creative and inspiring. they do this in vogue, too, i think – or marie claire. so fun!

  6. I love that!! I have been obsessed with “whats’ in your purse” for a long time ! And I love free people. I get inspiration from them. When I want to be inspired I go to the website and poke around. I have some items from the vintage loves, which is an amazing part of free people.
    I have those tea tree toothpicks in my bag too.I have a teeny tiny crossbody!
    Thanks for sharing! <3

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