april catalog diary: day one hair and makeup

the theme for the catalog was the elements – contrasting a muted palette and soft colors for earth and air on day one with bold, bright colors and tribal elements for fire and water on day two.  keeping with this theme, the makeup on day one was very natural and clean, giving sasha pivovarova the appearance of not wearing any makeup at all.



products used:
1. nars copacabana on cheekbone
2. black eye pencil
3. black mascara
4. stila gerbera on cheek and into the lip
5. bobbi brown eyeshadow in cement
6. nars lipstick in barbarella




for hair sasha was given extensions that were braided into a wispy fishtail braid with several loose strands to give it a relaxed, imperfect look.


(if you missed it, check out our fishtail braid tutorial here.)


for the second half of the day they took out the braid and gave her long wavy locks.


someone was a big fan of her hair ;)

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  1. hehe. The photo with the parrot nipping at Sasha’s hair is beyond cute. Love dedication to the theme even down to the make-up. Gorgeous set of photos.

  2. I love her wavy hair how did you do that??? when ever I try to do that it ends up way to curly and it just looks silly.

  3. Sasha Pivoravova was a lovely surprise!~ She is so beautiful and i imagine a nice person to work with. This catalog is something that i really related too!~ Keep up the good work!~

  4. what brand of hair extensions was used for her fishtail? My hair is a similar color and I would love to recreate the look.

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