april catalog hair and makeup – day two

a couple of weeks ago i showed you the makeup we used for part one of our april catalog, and jemma was there to get the low-down on day two! here’s a peek behind the scenes and how to get sasha pivovarova’s look.

guy aroch snapped this cute pic of our crew on day two:

9am I walked into the milk studios in the meatpacking district NYC, such an inspiring building to start the day; an interesting space filled with enthusiastic ‘cool’ people that had huge love for their jobs.

Upstairs in studio 3 was where Free People had created camp; the set was simple with an antique looking backdrop. The atmosphere — relaxed and chilled with a soft play of indie rock and Hip hop in the background.

This day was focused on the more fiery side of the catalog. The colours were rich and fierce representing fire and water and the attitude strong.







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9 years ago

I love the make up! So cute.


What is the makeup artist’s name or names?

9 years ago

Love the hair styles, messy awesome! xx

9 years ago

hey girls! I’m going to be in Philadelphia for the next couple days and I’m wondering what boutiques and shops I can’t miss! Any ideas?

9 years ago

great hair!

9 years ago

Hey Julia and Jemma, have you guys considered doing a catalog in Malta?? I just came back from a trip there and found it absolutely beautiful, it would go really well for a summer catalog or for september. I have some pictures I can share if you guys want. :):)

9 years ago

hey kate – go to old city! on 3rd street between market and vine you’ll find a lot of fun boutiques and vintages stores. my favorites are topstitch, vagabond, reward (which is actually on 2nd), and art in the age of mechanical reproduction. have fun!

9 years ago

It is so interesting to see the backstage, and I love that you share How-To’s and details of make up and hair styling. Thank you. =)

9 years ago

thanks naomi! i cleaned out the vintage room at vagabond! i even went all the way out to king of prussia to go to the fp :D

9 years ago

I kept hoping to find out what the nailpolish she was using on the cover was. :(

9 years ago

sasha malayev how are you yellow