australia guest blogger: daydream lily

our third aussie guest blog post comes from another favorite of ours, the lovely liss of daydream lily!


One of my favourite things about life in Australia is summer road trips!

Open roads, windows down, making a mix for the trip, road stops in little country towns for coffee and muffins, stopping off to explore, documenting the trip….








Liss from Daydreamlily (
Liss’ new online shop Stylemilk (


  1. Dear Julia and Jemma !
    It’s been couple of days since I found out about this blog and actually, about Free People brand. Since then, I am reading this blog every day, right now I am in the page nr 72 :))) It is so inspiring, and with such a good feeling! With your help I found some great new music, I didn’t know before, great artists…Not to mension that I am totally obsessed with FP clothes and everything you have over there… pure beauty! Thank you so much for all the good feelings I am having every day while reading your posts!
    And welcome Naomi :)
    Warm greetings from Norway! Milda

  2. We love the picture of the little white dogs posted right after the “Kelpie Pups” sign! So that’s what kelpie pups look like, lol! They look a lot like poodles/bichons/Great Pyrenees pups. They’ll have to grow a lot, and turn green, before they’ll be proper kelpies ;)
    Love your blog, and Free people!

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