1. oh my goodness…I wish I could apply for this job! Will FP please come to the UK so I can apply for an amazing job like this with you <3 Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie are both here… any chance my dream could come true? :-)

  2. Would love the position, but I RELY on your stylist to shoe ME
    how and what to and I thank them for it!!! Love your
    styles and entire line of clothing and shoes (esp boots!) ~

  3. Today in my fashion marketing class we went around the room and said what our dream job is, and I said free people stylist! Too bad I am still in school :(

  4. Hi Julia,

    Thanks so much for posting this opportunity. I really get excited about fp job posts, but it kills me that I can only upload my resume. How will fp know that I really really want this job, and that I’m very qualified. I want this so bad, and I want to prove it with work examples!

    What else can I do Julia?!


  5. For those needing an in…I’d say work any Free People connections you have to get to the Hiring Manager. Connect to fashion insiders on LinkedIn. Go to Free People special events. Network, network, network like crazy and then some. It’s the only way.

  6. hey guys! thanks so much for your interest. my best advice would be to express your creativity/passion as much as possible in the cover letter and resume, and should you be called in for an interview, you can bring a mood board or portfolio along with you then. i don’t have a follow-up contact i can give you but if our team thinks you’re a good fit they will be in touch! you can also follow our recruiting team and ask them questions on twitter –

  7. Do u have to have experience being a stylist? Would they hire someone stright out of college?

  8. I would be really, really perfect for this job! I don’t graduate from college until this August (luckily, I’m finishing all my remaining classes online, so I can travel)– but you should glance at my blog and get in touch with me– I’m worth taking a chance on (and I would totally move to Philadelphia!!).

  9. I was so excited to see this job posting! Though I only was able to send in my cover letter and resume via email I thought my tumblr account might also help to give an idea of my talents and interests. Take note of the thrift rich postings. I’ve graduated and have a few years of experience under my belt. Thanks for checking it out!

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