birkenstocks are back!

and i couldn’t be happier.

i have been waiting, patiently, ever since our meeting back in january about the april catalog product when i saw them all lined up in a rainbow of colors. birkenstocks definitely carry a strong sense of nostalgia with them… it is hard to look at them and not be reminded of a time in my life when i was too young to know or care about fashion, all that mattered was comfort and ease.  i’m not gonna lie, wearing them now i even start to feel like a kid again. the famous photos of kate moss by corinne day capture that carefree feeling perfectly.

if you’re like me and grew up wearing birks, you already know how comfy they are, and that they mold to fit your feet to perfection.  but another reason why i love these so much right now is that i’m a big flip flop girl- i like sandals that can slip on and off easily so if you’re at the beach or chilling at a park you can kick them right off. but i’m getting a little tired of the same old rainbows i’ve been wearing for a few years now and i have already decided that they will be replaced with these sunkissed tangerine birks very soon.


sasha pivovarova rocks the birkenstocks in a couple of awesome ways in our april catalog.  our shoe buyer loves the look on the left – she says birks are the perfect shoe to pair with girly, feminine skirts and dresses this season to add a touch of laid back cool. the look on the right is one of my favorites in the entire catalog – the pop of color is perfect to complete this fun & funky look.

check out our birkenstocks online here – and tell me, what do you think about their comeback?

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Birks are practical and give off a very laid back vibe. I like fashion that is appealing, yet practical, such as the Birks, and I think the way FreePeople has styled them with the spring looks is right on. Lovin’ them!

susan yee

I really didn’t know they were ever totally out of fashion…ha ha… Call me a hippy, but I’m glad to know they’re becoming fashionable again!!!!


I have a pair of blue ones :) they are super comfy! I like that they also don’t give me blisters when I wear them a lot!

mackenzie rose

just yesterday i was lookin for a good pair of birkenstocks online. i swear fp can always read-my-mind :)

I have NEVER quit wearing them! In fact, I’m wearing them right now! Although, the above style was, and still is, way too mainstream for me. I’m a fan of the Papillo (?) style. They are so comfortable and can be worn anywhere! Love them and always will :)


I’ve been rockin them. Well, actually the pair I have is Steve Madden and I’ve had them for a few years now. They are a thong though and kinda grecian looking in a way. Def would like a few pairs of the new Birks though :)


Love those orange sandals!



hip hip horayyyy!!


ICK! Birkenstocks were always and will always be all kinds of UGLY! Sorry FP, this look is not good.


hell nawhhh. They are too ugly!!!


UGLY!!! sorry but ew!


Sorry fp but I’m not feeling them at all


I’ve been wearing birks for two years now–I’m never going back. They are the best.


if you ask me, birks never went out!! maybe now people just wont think im such a crazy hippie, even though im more than okay with that title. fp you guys are right on with this look.

claire anne

birks rock! comfy and cute, how are they ugly? I love how you guys styled ’em, bravo FP! xo


Love ’em. Contemplating whether to get an orange pair or the taupe. Love the orange, just not sure if I could pull them off!

I think it is a sign, because before I read this I was thinking about getting a pair, and now this just re-emphasizes the need!!


Stoked for the Birkenstock comeback! Such perfect everyday footwear to pair with FP attire.


birkenstocks were never gone!


That photo of the Birkenstocks on the wall overlooking the water is amazing! Love the burnt orange color- gorgeous!


I wore my birks today despite the chilly weather… it was soo nice to be in bare feet again!

This is the happiest post of my life!


agreed!! I miss those carefree college shoe days. Burks, I’ve missed you & your loyalty to my adventures.


I have been birks as my “jesus sandals” in dark brown for a couple years, but I love those orange ones!


ehhhh…i’ve never been a huge fan, although i like how you styled them here, and the orange ones are kind of cute…but i am not looking forward to the crowds of birk-lovers proudly wearing their sandals because fp has pronounced them “in”…not many of them will have the styling sense to wear them like Sasha does in your catalog!!