color inspiration from morocco

our lead designer for color and print just returned from a research trip to morocco and shared these amazing photos of color inspiration from her travels. ever since last year’s april catalog (shot in morocco) i have been dying to go there, and these images are making me want to even more so…














so, so beautiful.

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12 years ago

oh geez!!! i love those snakes!!!!
the dyes and henna are beautiful also!!!

12 years ago

I love the colours from Morocco. I went there for new year’s eve and absolutely fell in love with the country and specially with Marrakech.

12 years ago

oh my godd these photos are amazing! wonderful colors. kind of makes me sad though because i was planning to go there in 2 weeks for my spring break (i’m in portugal now) but we heard it’s dangerous so my parents are not so happy. i will have to go another year! :)

12 years ago

I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco, thank you for these beautiful pictures… Anthropologie sells a scarf that reminds me of Morocco, so tempted to buy it

12 years ago

I love this! It brings me back to my trip to Morocco! I’ve been dieing to go back ever since and recently did a blog post about it as well! Definitely inspired by all of your beautiful pictures!
Check out my Moroccan inspiration:

12 years ago

Be careful! I spent over three weeks there a couple years ago, & as a woman, was treated very badly! Go with a group &/or a good male escort. Was attacked by a group of men, they tried to sexually assault me & did steal my passport! There is wonderful beauty there, & some sweet people, but as a western woman in an arabic country, it was very challenging for me & all my girlfriends. Hoping things will change with freedoms & rights finally coming to these parts of the world.

12 years ago
12 years ago

All that color…we don’t have that here in dreary Chicago. But I think color is a natural in places where it’s warmer all year around. Look at California or even Florida….I must move to either sooner or later, but at least Florida is an income-tax free state….

12 years ago

These pictures show the true colors of Morocco and rich culture and artistic creativity of Moroccan people.

12 years ago

Stunning colors…reminds me a lot of Valparaíso!

12 years ago
12 years ago

I love any travel-related posts! Beautiful colours, too.

12 years ago

the texture, colors, patterns, yarn and atmosphere are all hints of inspiration in their own way. love these photos

12 years ago

All those beautiful colors :)

12 years ago

i love those pictures they are a great representation of Fes
viva morocco!