Going sheer, is it you?

The transparent look is all over the spring 2011 runaway shows – Items that showed off what was being worn underneath, A bit controversial? Yes!

The looks on the runways are not necessarily meant to be worn as-is in everyday life. They’re artistic presentations of a designer’s inspiration, presumably to give you inspiration for ways to wear the pieces yourself. Obviously, the completely sheer ensembles are too extreme for most people’s taste in day wear, but perhaps as inaccessible as this trend may seem, mixing in pieces to suit your personal taste would make it more wearable.

We played around in the studio yesterday to see what works under such sheer items.

We toned down what could be very provocative to the eye by making them a little tomboy; Sheer maxi shirts worn over bootie shorts with a relaxed shirt pattern, bodysuits under sheer tops to add a bit of interest, and lace trimmed bike shirts worn under those adorable chiffon slips.

Would you go sheer?


Mesh maxi half slip embroidered mesh crop we the free long sleeve burnout baseball tee crossover stripes bandeau skinny stripe bodysuit.


  1. yes, but only every-so-often. I like the outfits you guys came up with! I think that sheer isn’t always easy to wear, so if you have a more versatile piece that can be worn many different ways and with a group of colors, it can work to your advantage!

  2. Absolutely loving the sheer trend, I wear it! I like what you put together today, thanks for the inspiration. :)

  3. Yes I would go sheer! I just purchase a sheer top this week. It does allow you to be more creative when putting an outfit together. I also things its a perfect item to wear to the beach. =)))

  4. I love the outfit on the top right; the way you paired the sheer top with a stripped shirt is very clever. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  5. #Loving and embracing the sheer. Add sheer to your wardrobe immediately, you will never regret it.

  6. The look on the left is genius! So cute. I’m so happy maxi skirts are “in” now,they’re so adorable but so comfortable!

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