greetings from austin!

i am so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to join our team for a catalog shoot in austin! i just arrived and am still wide-eyed and soaking it all in but here’s a little peek so far…more to come :)

what i packed – it is hot down here and i am loving it!

so long philly…


hello austin! of course the live music capital of the world has a band playing in the airport :)


the house where our team is staying- it is absolutely breathtaking! i’ll have lots of pics for you guys don’t worry!



this place has such an amazing laid-back vibe…i can’t wait to explore downtown tomorrow and see what it’s all about! stay tuned…


  1. Oh yay! SO happy y’all have made it to our lovely city of Austin. Be sure to check out Feather’s boutique on South Congress, and all the shops along there. I know you’ll love it!
    Have so much fun. Xo, Kelli

  2. Hope you ladies enjoy your stay here! If you get the chance to go out for drinks, stop at Side Bar on 7th and Red River. It’s very laid back and they make great drinks!

    Also, don’t forget to check out Barton Springs, or any other greenbelt location!

  3. What a coincidence I’ll be there for a photoshoot this weekend as well! I love Austin! If you get a chance eat at shady grove and get a cupcake from hey cupcake!

  4. wow i love your outfit choices ! where did you get that black shirt with the white skeleton? :) i like it!

  5. I LOVE AUSTIN!!! It’s so amazing!! I can’t wait to go this Fall for Austin City Limits!! Your outfits are great too! =) I can’t wait to see more posts from this!! I’m super excited since I love Austin and have little time to visit, I wonder what all has changed and can’t wait to hear about new little spots to go see from you!!

  6. I love Austin, which is why I live here! You must check out Feather’s on South Congress for vintage clothes! Amazing.

  7. Yay! Austin is where my heart is. Be sure to hop over to Barbarella for some dancing after Side Bar and then some late night tacos across the street. I’ll definitely be hitting up the springs this weekend… perhaps we’ll see you there soaking up some Free People Austin inspiration.


    PS. Where are you shooting? Try the Greenbelt.

  8. You can’t leave Austin without a stop in @ Taco Deli. It’s near the greenbelt entrance on Barton Skyway. Awesome Tex-Mex & sometimes on the weekends they have live music too.

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