another puppy to introduce you guys to! say hello to gus, who lives with our creative director. he’s quite a character- he explored every inch of our office and just wanted to say hello to everyone and help out!


i love his collar!



our vintage team was working on something and gus wanted to help…



but our graphic designer had to take him back upstairs so he wasn’t in the way :)


see ya gus! nice meeting you!


it’s been a long day :) happy friday!


  1. What a nice personal touch to see the behind the scenes mascot! Gus is soooo sweet! Hey, why not branch out and do Free Animals!

  2. Gus should be featured regularly! He is the most handsome bulldog I have ever seen. He should be king of all bulldogs!

  3. awww love that face. I have a Frenchie who used to come to work with me but either the travel got to small for her or she got to heavy to carry!!! – Enjoy your weekend :)

  4. I’m still waiting for an expose on the two dachshunds in visual merchandising. I know they’re not around much but they can be quite cute (or terrifying depending on their mood). Share the joy that is Lulu & Snoopy with the world.

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