Morning Glory Toast

There is no meal I love more than breakfast. Maybe I’m a bit too enthusiastic, but I truly believe it has magical powers – who’s not happy after a delicious morning meal, right? Case in point, my “Morning Glory Toast.” It’s a simple recipe that I made up the other day to cheer up my roommate and best friend who was having a rough weekend, and it was a big hit! I think it made her feel a little better & hopefully it can bring some sunshine into your lives too. =)


1 Slice of multigrain bread

1 Egg

¼ Avocado

3 Half slices of tomato

Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Grease skillet and crack an egg into it. Cook the egg sunny-side-up style. Salt & pepper egg while in pan.
  2. While the egg is cooking, place bread in toaster, slice tomato, and cut up avocado.
  3. Once toast is ready, spread avocado, place tomato slices on top of avocado, and then top it all off with the sunny-side-up egg.

I like to slice the entire thing in half and pair it with a glass of OJ. Hope you like it!


  1. This is great :) And if you don’t care much for tomato (like myself) you could replace it with sauteed onion or mushrooms!

  2. I love sunny side up eggs, I can’t wait to eat them again, I can’t while I’m pregnant!

  3. I was at my grandma’s today for easter dinner and she has an avocado tree in her living room! she started it from a pit! Now I have got to try this! I’ll need some good avocado recipes to use up the avocado!

  4. Anything with avocado truly seems to have magical powers. This looks so yum and has my tummy grumbling this morning. Will have to try it sooner than later

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