Movie Review: Bill Cunningham Documentry

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.
I don’t think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.”
-Bill Cunningham

The legendary Bill Cunningham has graced the big screen in a rather interesting heart touching documentary about his passion Street Style Photography.
Street Style has been a No1 go to inspiration for me, there’s something so raw and fresh about how people choose to dress, the decisions they make to achieve such a visually pleasing outfit is incredible.
I’ve been waiting to see this documentary for quite some time. He has always been a guy that intrigued me.

Bill Cunningham works for The New York Times as a photographer that shoots and curates the paper’s “On the Street” and “Evening Hours”
This enchanting eighty- something guy rides around NY wearing his signature bolt blue work jacket on his bicycle, shooting silhouettes that excite him “Some marvelous, exotic bird of paradise”
He captures the upbeat fashion Scene in New York recording the changing street life of one of the world’s great cities for us all to see. It shows his lifestyle and how the little in things in life are most important to him.

It shines a light on a guy who needs nothing more than his happy passion.

He has touched my heart in more ways than one. His passion is overwhelming because he loves what he does so much that not much else matters. Street Photography is his life
not just his job and it was great to see that in the documentary. He is world renowned for his work and his pleasant embrace. A true inspiration to anyone!


“We all get dressed for Bill.”
-Anna Wintour

Have any of you guys seen the documentary yet?

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I have! I loved it! He is an amazing man, no wait, he is a legend! He is so passionate about his work its incredibly inspiring! Great documentary!!


wow i would love to see this. thanks for the tip! and when is the may catalog coming out ?? where was it shot ? cant wait !!

no… but i will soon now that i’ve read your post!


I’m so glad you wrote an article on this movie! Bill is my cousin and I’m so excited to see the film when it comes to Cincinnati in May. My family is really proud of him and it’s nice to read about the influence his photography has made on all types of people. Thanks for the review :)


I recently saw this documentary and it was brilliant. He truly is a genius. The man is so passionate about his work that he sees eating as a waste of time! I highly recommend seeing this if you can.


yes….absolutely brilliant.


Any idea when it’s coming to Britain? Sounds amazing.