office space

i moved desks today, along with a couple of other co-workers, and this is my new space! exposed brick and tons of light…love.

my new workspace and a closeup of my “mood board.”


some other things that caught my eye today…








i caught our web studio team shooting something top secret here in our lobby ;)





and i got to dog-sit this cutie pie for a little while this morning :)


to those asking, the puppy is a cairn terrier and australian shepherd mix :)


  1. Everything at the FP headquarter is very inspirational. From the exposed brick wall to the high vaulted ceiling. I love to be apart of FP even more every time I visit this blog! <3

  2. Nice brightness to light up a gloomy Pacific-NW day, Thanks! Give the cutie-pie a good snuggle for all of us. Totally in love with the April catalog, just received it today…. So impressed how you all surpass yourselves every month. Keep up all that good, hard, fun work. :)

  3. Just curious, are the dogs you guys have around the office typically from rescues/shelters? I’ve noticed a lot of them are mixed breeds which is awesome : )

  4. Great office space. Must be hard not too feel inspired in a place like this. Love the decor, tall glass windows and high ceiling

  5. I would LOVE to have that as my work space, or as my apartment. Love the huge windows, the light, the exposed brick walls, the worn wooden floors and all the patterns, colors, sit puffs, your mood board. Everything!

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