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11 years ago

Spring is in the air…

11 years ago

Can you please put the bag (in the 2nd to last photo) on the site so I can buy it!
Thank you :)

11 years ago

You should post more pictures of Lou! She is adorable! :)

11 years ago

Awesome!!!! Where is that butterfly wing ring from?? LOVE IT

Keena Grady
11 years ago

i am in obsessed/love with that butterfly ring!!! i need to know where she got it!

11 years ago

Oh my gosh that ring is amazing! Where is it from???

11 years ago

What breed of puppy is that grey mix?

11 years ago

jamie – she’s a cairn terrier and australian shepherd mix =)

11 years ago

That ring is AMAZING! I’ve went to the iscallops.com, but they haven’t enabled online shopping yet. Is there any other way for me to buy one? The pattern, size, and shape are perfect :) !