party time!

our creative director’s birthday was yesterday but we celebrated today with a special party for one very special lady!

the amazing card our graphic design team made- the dog is modeled after her sweet frenchie georgia :)

chewbaccas everywhere! i never knew this, but apparently the character chewbacca was inspired by george lucas’s own dog and his characteristic loyalty, which is why she loves him so much. so sweet :)






love this bright shirt/necklace combo!





awesome gifts – a chewbacca pez dispenser and this amazing vest!


happy happy birthday!


  1. I love the sleeves on her dress! :D That card is also very adorable! ~i’d like to see some of their doodles!

  2. This is soo awesome, i have been reading your blog for over a year lately and have seen Doub on here alot and it is amazing to find out her birthday is the same as mine! Does she happen to be 27 also?

  3. I am 27 in my dreams. But I must confess with each year my birthdays keep getting better and better!!!

  4. Wow, there is something I love in every picture! Especially that vest! I need it! Where can I get one?!

  5. Im jealous y’all get to be with Doub so much more than me , she is the best person to be with if you want to enjoy life love and laughter without the feeling that u need to be anyone but yourself …

  6. OMG i love the dress and shoes the brunette is wearing..the one with the iphone in hand. who makes the black silky satiny dress?? and how about those two-strap tan wedges?? LOVE.

  7. that not a dress that a big short like a man short woman allways look good in big short any way i like what ever it is if it looks good were it any how i wonder if dress will look that good without the shoes

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