1. Wow! This sort of reminds me of that guy in London who paints on old gum that has pressed into concrete. So there are tiny paintings everywhere in the streets. =)

  2. @ anonymous– i think she meant that the aesthetic was very in line with the fp aesthetic– and i have to agree with her. sure, i wish the clothes were less expensive too, but i have to wonder how you find yourself reading all the fp blog posts if you’re so vehemently against the brand. why not just be inspired by this beautiful post, rather than attacking the person who was trying to share this lovely art endeavor with you? i’m a little baffled.

  3. Then stop looking at the blog if you don’t like it…cause some of us really enjoy this company and don’t need to be bothered with your negitive remarks.

  4. Are you out saving the world Carol? or just commenting on wall posts. Commenting on a FP post is really starving countries, one pothole at a time!

  5. @nina no? That’s what paint is used for. Last I checked, fabric is used to make clothing not to stuff holes and cracks on sidewalks. It is a waste.

  6. wow. i’m shocked and appalled at all of the negativity on this post.

    it truly baffles me that someone (i.e. Carol) would take the time to check out this blog if she is so against the company. also, she appears to have it all wrong. there is an aesthetic to the fp company; they do not simply “sell hippie clothes”. for instance, they have this blog that displays clothing, style, art, music, events, etc. also, to lump all employees into the categories of “ditsy and having no idea what real work is” is incredibly childish. clearly, someone has led a very sheltered life and holds very close-minded views on life.

    wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a way to block people like Carol from tainting a website that the rest of us all come to enjoy?

  7. i just came across this sidewalk art on another blog today!! it reminds me of the guy who uses legos to fill in the cracks. so neat! sammy & steve french…you guys are my heros. ha ha ha. seriously, arguing over the internet is so ridiculous and juvenile. no one is forcing the “think-inside-the-box-haters” to read this blog….and what is up with the “since you are all hippies” comment…

  8. wow what an array of comment’s …first of all…before i jump on the band wagon…let me say the pictures were cute and i must say they made me smile and made me happy for a moment…what’s wrong with that…i dare say i’m the oldest person commenting on this blog…i was one of those “hippies” in the 60’s and 70’s and as hard as this may be to believe there is a certain amount of wisdom that only comes with age…so let me share this with all the angry people…change does not come by telling everyone else how wrong they are and how right you are it just don’t work that way…encourage people to be kind and show them this kindness with your life not angry words…and please…a blog is not the place for this kind of stuff…have some respect…

  9. I think it is beautiful. For those that are not trained in fine art and are questioning the use of material, there are many mediums used to create art, not just paint. If you do some research on assemblage, mixed media, found object, outsider art (the list is endless), you will see that there are so very many materials used to create art. If you google around a bit, you will find some pretty amazing stuff (some you will love, some you will hate, just to forewarn you).

  10. Love! I think it’s awesome how the artist can take something so ordinary like a crack or a pothole and make it beautiful! Thanks for sharing fp!

  11. i just want to thank everyone who was a part of the above argument…i’ve certainly enjoyed some hearty laughter on this sunny afternoon.

  12. See, I can’t waste anything, so this makes total sense to me. Sometimes people want to throw away their old clothes or stained sheets and whatnot. She may have used new fabrics, but I like the people who go with the idea that this blog is inspiration, and now it inspires me to do the same project with what materials I already have—all for the love and creation of art. Plus I’ve NEVER been into Brand names…but there is something about Free People that does seem genuine to me and I connect with. (It must be the creative staff and directors I read about ALL THE TIME on here lol) I’ll admit straight up, I ONLY shop in the clearance sections (in store and online) but I do find pieces that are very lovely and original. You know what? If you don’t like this company, then please, miss out on their awesome, uplifting, positive vibrations filled blog :)
    –From not a “hippie” but a free spirit speaking her mind

  13. wow…. its like love is seeping up through the cracks of the earth…. penetrating the sidewalks and spilling out into the city. love this.

  14. this makes me miss Paris MORE and MORE and MORE. especially because i think i know where some of these places in Paris are.

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