The new shoe of the season

The platform has taken a quirky new direction. A new sole has appeared on the fashion front and we’re diggin it.
The flatform was a key statement throughout the spring/ Summer runaway shows – Derek Lam, Prada, and Vena Cava
All made their silhouette that much more interesting by adding this elevated shoe.

They have the comfort of wearing flats but give you that attractive 5 inch lift without the cripple factor.
We here at the office love them and find them the perfect way to add quirkiness to any outfit.

Flatforms, are you digging the shoe of this season?

See our selection here Flatforms


  1. Is it weird that I don’t like wearing platforms because I don’t like being taller? Probably weird. However, these are all adorable, great post! :) xx

  2. i love the black platforms on the right wear can i buy. they are fabulous. i am a big fan of wadge and platforms

  3. I think these are an awful look =/ They make feet look so long… very unflattering for our legs!

  4. if you are tall with larger feet, these are not for you

    if you are hella-short with cute feet, you will LOVE these — though i prefer the sandal style rather than a closed shoe look (which tends to look spice-girl-ugly)

  5. I used to love shoes like this back in the 90’s, just a cool little FYI if you love them and have an old pair of flats that need a makeover you can have a good cobbler add super thick soles like this to your old flats, it’s not a ton of $$$ and it’s super fun to be tall!!

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