thursday poll: edition 129

our april catalog has dropped and in it are some amaaaaazing maxi dresses – i love how they’re all so different! which of these dresses would you wear?

the tracks of my tiers maxi:

the hinted florals maxi:

the vibrations kaftan:
vibrations kaftan

the crochet variety dress:
crochet variety dress

the we the free feathered maxi:
we the free feathered maxi

or the roaring era dress:
roaring era dress

vote for your fave!


  1. I think all of the FP maxis are seriously amazing! But has FP ever considered doing them in petite sizes? that would be SPECTACULAR!!!

  2. Ooh this was a tough one for me! Love them all really, but I was almost tied between the kaftan and roaring era dress!

  3. I would go with them all but if I had to choose one, I could live in that vibration kaftan.That electric blue is just too tempting to resist1

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