and the caravan is on its way…

i’m a huge fan of our vintage loves collection and always love the items our buyer finds…but every once in a while she comes back with a batch that completely blows me away and gypsy caravan is one of them. the items in this collection are so special and amazing i had to share some of my favorites…

this yves saint laurent peasant skirt was pulled from his 1976 “rich peasant collection” – one of his most loved and influential collections that was the first to re-introduce peasant skirts and blouses into the modern fashion world.  a huge inspiration for today’s bohemian fashion, it is only fitting for us to have it in our vintage loves collection. the mix of prints in this skirt is gorgeous!

yves saint laurent rich peasant collection


the first thing that caught my eye from this collection were the amazing denim jackets.  the hand embroidery and detailing is exquisite – these are definitely the kind of item you purchase and treasure forever!

this one has an exclusive hand-painted floral tapestry motif done by an artist in upstate new york just for our vintage loves collection:


and the fabric sleeves and detailing on this one are so gorgeous! i think its my favorite:

finally, i had to mention these amazing jeans…the fabric at the bottom is, as our buyer says, far out!

now i just need my caravan and i’ll be all set…

Mas de la Beaume - gypsy caravan via flickr gipsy bazar

shop gypsy caravan here.

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12 years ago

I stood staring for a moment at this caravan ; fascinated by all but the embroidery denim jacket is my favourite !! I wish I could purchase it … And I also like the beaded necklace, it’s really my style … !! Very good job !!

12 years ago

I love gipsy style <3

12 years ago

Pardon me while i pass out…I swear it is the FP girls who got me HOOKED on vintage shopping/thrifting. I’d clean your shop out if the wallet would cooperate! I think I need a gypsy caravan in my life ASAP. Forget the car!

12 years ago

girl I likes the clothes!!! you are pretty cool! I’m just saying!!

12 years ago

I’m agreeing with Carrie!! ‘Hooked’..maybe need to go through some old attics..!

12 years ago

The top pictures of the skirts are very cool.
I used an old skirt for a different effect in these pictures.
I think it gave it a vintage- dream-like feel.