Brimfield Photo Diary

Some of our buyers have just come back from Brimfield’s one of the world’s largest flea markets. It’s in Massachusetts and happens 3 times a year May 8-13, July 10-15, and September 4-9.

Here are some pictures they took and wanted to share with you!

It’s unbelievable the amount of great things you can find there with so much history and stories behind them.

Have any of you guys been?


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I go every year, Its super close to boston!


So I know it’s everyones dream job to work at Freepeople, it’s definitely mine. I’m about to transfer to San Jose State and am still contemplating what to major in. My absolute dream job would be to be a buyer for Free People or Anthropologie. I really love what these two companies represent and to be able to travel to the worlds best flee markets and such to buy for Free People (or Anthro) would be amazing! If anyone has any advice on what kind of college degrees buyers for Free People or Anthropologie have, I would really appreciate the… Read more »


Brimfield is amazing my mom, aunts, and I have been going forever! There are so many amazing artisans and unique finds. My family has several antique furniture pieces that are so interesting. I definitely recommend taking a trip!


Hey Ashley, I just got a job as the visual merchandiser for Free People at a location in Los Angeles and I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications at FIDM. I got the job through a friend at school who happened to be very close with the Visual Manager and she was looking for someone to train and take over the store. It’s not about what degree you have, it is all about the people you know but you definitely have to represent the brand. They won’t hire just anyone and it is a lot of work, you… Read more »

Brimfield is simply amazing. This year I scored a massive Crazy Horse print and found my boyfriend a 48-starred flag for 10 bucks. Seriously a pickers paradise, and one vendor sells what have to be the best pulled pork sandwiches ever.

erica d

I find it very distasteful that a bag with a visual swastika made it into this blog. How many relatives of mine had to die for this symbol to make it into a fashion blog.


Erica D– This bag is a symbol of its time, and part of history. It’s nothing more than that.


sorry, but history or not, a swastika is offensive. Free People shouldn’t have posted that image.


Obviously, there could have been a much more happier photo chosen to put into this blog post. What is the intention here? A symbol of hate, death and no freedom certainly does not leave me with any sense of inspiration or good feeling. It is contrary to what I thought Free People stood for.


Let’s just start off with saying I LOVE FREE PEOPLE! But this post including the bag with the swastika on it was unnecessary and completely offensive. The Free People brand’s big motto is to live free, and, just as Sheri said, this totally goes against that. The Holocaust was not a time of happiness and freedom, like what Free People promotes, so basically, they’re going against their own motto. Free People shouldn’t have posted that picture just because anything they see that’s vintage is cool and bohemian. They should have really thought about it before posting it, and, in my… Read more »


i agree that a different photo should have been chosen. But, as a jewish girl I have learned not to hide or run from this symbol. It represents an event in history to us, an event that was awful, inhumane, and an event that still today astounds me that it actually occurred BUT it is also an event that needs to remembered. it needs to be a warning to the future generations….for many things: to not so willingly trust a political leader we know little about (sound familiar??), or even everyday lessons like not giving in to peer pressure and… Read more »


I applaud the inclusion of the image of the suitcase in this post.I think we really need to ask the people selling that suitcase a laundry list of questions instead of bombarding free people with requests to take the picture down. It is good to bring to light images like this to remind us of what evils exist right in our own backyard, and not some far away place overseas. I have been to countless survivor talks and what I continue to take away from them is that it is our responsibility as free people to know that something like… Read more »

Reality Check

Ooookay, so I don’t think that the inclusion of the photo is Free People saying, “Hey! Nazis were super trendy and uber cool! Jewish people (and every other group that was targeted, because it wasn’t *just* Jewish people) are awful folks, Hitler knew what was up!” Rather, it’s a photo of a lot of interesting items that was for sale at the flea market. An item of historical significance even. Are history books offensive? Mine had an image of a soldier wearing a swastika. Should it be airbrushed out in that context? No. Why? Because that would be altering history,… Read more »


stop being so touchy. history happened, there are remnants everywhere. that’s the way life is. not looking at it doesn’t make it go away. denying the symbols is almost as bad as denying the actual events.


I don’t think that it was Free People’s intentions to post an offensive picture. It’s just history. You can’t ignore it. Look at it for what it is: a picture of something that belonged to a person long ago.
I love Free People and this blog!


Oh and I would LOVE to go to this flea market!

fp kathryn

We wanted to let everyone know that the offensive photo was taken down, and we apologize to anyone it offended. We were not making any historical reference, this was a miss during our review process. We were excited about our shopping experience at the Brimfield Market and hoped to share that with our readers. In no way do we condone what the symbol represents and we are extremely sensitive to its impact on many lives. We appreciate our readers’ quick feedback and opinions on the post. The blog is a collaboration of many people here, and we love that our… Read more »

I love flea markets. We visited the biggest one in Paris while there, but I’d love to hit up a few in the states. Maybe someday…after I’ve bought an RV…

Reality Check

Words cannot express how outraged I am that FP decided to cave to an over-reaction. Thank you for pandering. Fantastic.


Words can not express how that symbol offends. This was not an over reaction. Hatred involving that symbol is still relative to this day. It is not something of the past that we have to get over, it is something we continue to live with and if one person is offended than that is one more than necessary.

Reality Check

If the standard is “anything that offends even 1 person should not appear on this site” then why weren’t all photos of models with animals yanked? Plenty of animal rights folks were offended by those. Why are crosses and images of crosses sold and pictured on this site? Personally, I find the cross to be far more offensive than a swastika because TODAY the Christian right is actively passing laws that negatively affect ME… TODAY. Hear that FP, I am offended by the image of a cross. Are you going to pull them ALL? If you are not, then why… Read more »


FP, you did the right thing. The swastika is an internationally offensive symbol. I understand, it has ancient meaning, and the Nazi’s have distorted it, but in this day an age, anything with a swastika on it no longer carries the meaning of the far, far past. It carries with it the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s during the second world war. You “profit bottom line” comment is offensive, not just to Jews, but to the awesome folks are Free People who do their best to transmit feelings of peace and love through what they make. I’m sorry you are… Read more »


Reality Check- you are right. Jews are not the only ones who would be offended. Gypsies, homosexuals and handicapped individuals are just a percentage of people that the swastika could offend. I applaud you for defending the rights of women, but just try to imagine the scenario from another point of view…..




Reality Check

The “profit bottom line” comment is offensive? Seriously? Pointing out that companies tend to cave to pressure ONLY when doing so is monetarily convenient is offensive? HOW? It’s true! Then again, if you are the kind of person who gets offended by a few straight lines, you’re probably the kind of person to get offended by observations of the bleeding obvious. I’m imagining the scenario from the point of view of a *rational* person. I see no reason in considering it from another point of view. Well, technically I did consider it, then I criticized it. Then I criticized pandering… Read more »