DIY Dog Leash

In response to popular demand, I messed around with some scrap fabric this weekend, and came up with this extremely easy to make dog leash!

Cut scrap fabric into about 2.5 inch-wide strips. They should be at least a foot long.

Taking three strands, make a knot about 2 inches from the end.


Make another knot about 10 inches from your first knot

second knot

Fold the section between your two knots in half and begin braiding. You’ll want to add the tails left from your first knot into the braid at the beginning so that they don’t stick out.


Add in new strips of fabric as strands are running out. Don’t worry if they stick out a little, it gives the leash a nice hand-made look. If you don’t like the way it looks, you can always trim them down afterward.

Once the leash is your desired length, tie off the end with a hair tie – leaving about 10 inches of excess unbraided fabric at the end. Feed the unbraided strips through the end of a Swivel Eye Bolt Snap Hook (you can get this type of snap anywhere, but I got mine from the home depot)

Tie off the end by making several knots around the hair elastic. You shouldn’t be able to see it once you’re done.

Trim excess fabric

And you’re done!

My dog Abigail definitely approves ;)

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11 years ago

That dog must be pretty sedate. If I tried to put my dog on this thing I’d be chasing her around the neighborhood for the next 2 hours.

11 years ago

I agree that it seems more for a well trained dog that walks easy on a leash. I have a puggle that is so hyper people think there’s something wrong with her. Haha! I bet you could do this with a pre existing nylon leash though and just braid around the leash. Oh, or use thinner scraps and try a chinese staircase or something. That could be awesome. This is a great diy idea. <3

11 years ago

Lol the dog

11 years ago

What a neat idea! More photos of the dog, too, please!

11 years ago

abigail…what a perfect name.

11 years ago

Okay this is a must for me. And Abigail looks like a supermodel!

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

11 years ago

thanks for coming up with something! :) It’s really a cute idea! ~My pups will love this!

11 years ago

This is awesome! really love your blog and all the fashion & clothing that you guys displace. Really inspiring to the imagination and makes you open your eyes to different kinds of styles. really think your pup enjoys it! :)

11 years ago

When is FreePups going to exist? us Free people love our animals so we need a pet range!! – amazing leather collars with semi-precious stones…yes please! xxx

9 years ago

I’m thinking about the giant rubbermaid tub of old ties sitting in the next room…