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Debra Sauvageau
12 years ago

I would LOVE to feel free and swing in this swing! lol..I liked you on Facebook and filed out the form, Thanks and Have a BLESSED DAY!

brenda witherspoon
12 years ago

The swing is AMAZING!!!! Totally LOVE it and hope to win it. Thanks for the opportunity.
brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

12 years ago

Wow! I wish I would have gotten the crochet bikini.

12 years ago

I want that crochet maillot! So hot. Is demand or supply really so low that FP can’t do another restock online?

12 years ago

Beautiful photos:) I’m in love with the arm cuff!

12 years ago

wow I can’t believe my pictures were added to the blog! I’ve never been so flattered <3 my crochet bathingsuit

12 years ago

These pics are so nice and are so inspiring !! I love these black full length dress and the cuff and …… EVERYTHING !! xoxoox


12 years ago

OH,i love the flowers!

12 years ago

these pictures are so pretty and inspiring. I just love everything about them .


12 years ago

Representing the short curvy girls who rock the crochet bathing suit- Feeling. Fabulous.