may catalog sneak peek!

Shot 18 - 3643

Shot 16 - 3297

Shot 30 - 6483

Shot 38 - 7710

Shot 37 - 7622

Shot 37 - 7627

Shot 1 - 0142

Shot 9 - 2259

Shot 33 - 6837

our may catalog was inspired by the paintings of henri rousseau, in which bright pops of color jump out of lush tropical landscapes painted with rich layers of green.  models tallulah morton and elsa hosk dance across the pages as best friends on vacation, glowing from the sun and losing themselves in long summer days spent surfing and exploring. the images capture the elusive feeling of freedom that hangs in the air in summertime, when you just want to let your hair down, kick off your shoes and run through fields or lay in the sand as the waves wash over your body.

shot in hawaii by fashion and travel photographer frédéric lagrange, our may book is a celebration of both the raw beauty of the landscape and the high summer fashion. look for the catalog in the mail and online on tuesday!


  1. This is shot on the island I live on….and some of the beaches are spots I visit every day Sooo beautiful and inspiring to see such pretty summer pictures right in my own “backyard”. I’m ready for summer!

  2. Love the scenery and the clothes. I especially like the flower crowns as I recently posted about one I made of my own. Can’t wait to see it in it’s entirety!

  3. This blog has been at the top of my obsessions list for a couple months, so I feel like it’s time I actually comment on something. I love these sneak peek shots, and can’t wait for the catalog or summer roadtrips/beach nights. Beautiful!!

  4. yupee! love this catalog!!! :) cant wait! the pictures and colors are really beautiful and that white dress in the second to last pic is so pretty…cant wait to see it online.

  5. I cannot even express my excitement about this catalog! These shots are all incredible and the clothes look amazing!!! Can’t wait to get mine in the mail! :)

  6. very interesting inspiration re: rousseau… when i think of free people + hawaii, i am thinking more gauguin, esp since he was so sensual in his portrayal of women.

  7. So awesome you did a shoot in Hawaii! This looks amazing annnd I look forward to some blog posts about the adventures of the FP team!

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