New York in a second

New York City is a place that excites me. Here’s some quick inspiration from my recent weekend in New York. I always get so inspired when I go there; everything is so visually pleasing and the energies are sky high.

I visited Brooklyn flea market, which had some great vintage stalls and beautiful terrariums. This idea is a perfect little hobby to do on summer days and to bring the outdoors/indoors.


I always love the fashion in NYC and how people always hit it right when it comes to looking “cool”

Check out this girl that was hanging outside a bar.


A little kitten that was adopted looking proud  under a British flag


An afternoon snack, Nothing beats a New York bagel – tomato, mozzarella and pesto


And a quick stop into these lovely stores made my inspiration rise to another level.

Darr Williamsburg and creatures of comfort Mulberry St.



It’s always refreshing going to New York, don’t you think?

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11 years ago

I love new York I too get so inspired when I go!

11 years ago

Yes, it’s always refreshing and great finds there as well.

Ashley Weinbaum
11 years ago

I was just in Brooklyn today visiting Pratt and my friend was telling me about the Brooklyn flea market! I’ll have to check it out. I’m excited for the punk rock flea market in Philly this summer.

Sarah Corneal
11 years ago

What flea market was that in Brooklyn? I live in Manhattan and am moving to Brooklyn to go to Pratt in the fall! That looks like an awesome flea market- I’d love to check it out!

11 years ago

New York is by far one of my favorite places…I always leave feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. Great pics from the flea market!

11 years ago

that girl outside the bar- awesome outfit.

11 years ago

i’d love to visit new york!!

xx from hong kong :)

11 years ago

Makes me miss Brooklyn!!

11 years ago

i was at the BK flea last Saturday!! the best.

11 years ago

i loved these photos. always so inspirational.

11 years ago

looks like philly….love the kitty!!!

11 years ago

nice cat

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