slow down, you’re moving too fast

this weekend was such a beautiful escape from the manic pace of daily life – everything moves slower at the beach, in the best way.  waking up with coffee and a good book on the porch, strolling on the beach with water lapping at your toes, the rays of sun creeping over your skin, cooking on the grill, watching the sun sink into the horizon…there is nothing better, in my mind.



















did you all have a nice weekend? where is your favorite place in the world?


  1. seattle and canada in the fall. it’s such a lovely break from the heat of texas, and it’s just gorgeous up there! i love riding the ferry, especially. that is when i feel most at peace.

  2. I totally feel the same way with this past weekend. I went down to Long Beach Island at the Jersey Shore. I spent all my summers growing up there and it has become such an escape. I jogged in the morning along the beach then spent some time just meditating on the cusp of the water, almost literally – soaking it all in. That’s my favorite!

  3. My favorite place to be is on a quiet stretch of beach, reading a book, listening to the waves and just chillaxing.

  4. The flowery meadow with oaks all around it where I’m gonna build a house some time in the future. And it’s in Sweden. =)

  5. my hometown joshua tree! the stars shine so brightly at night, it’s never too cold. i feel free here <3

  6. Is this ocean city?? If it is, I’m jealous! I used to work for seventh street and we carried tons of free people. Always our best seller!

  7. Hilton Head Island, SC probably one of the most beautiful islands I have ever vacationed on!

  8. OC is home for me…so of coarse its one of my favorite places! but i would have to say that Costa Rica is my ultimate.

  9. Ahh I’ve been missing Ocean City like crazy all weekend! My whole family was there for Memorial Weekend, as usual, but I’m abroad. It’s my favorite place :) Hope you enjoyed it! And I second Taylor’s Mack&Manco suggestion

  10. I will forever love San Clemente, California. A little piece of my heart is there, however cheesy that sounds!

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