summer swing giveaway!!!

summer is right around the corner and to celebrate, we have a giveaway that you will want to use every day until the cold creeps back in – our display team has donated one of the incredible swings from our new summer install and one lucky reader will get to call it their own!

these swings are completely sturdy and usable, with wooden slats as a base and colorful netting to cover it with. as with many of our displays, our team drew inspiration from india, where our senior store designer spends half of each year. the netting, trimmed with beads, pompoms and tassels, is the same kind that is draped over the backs of camels in india.  the rope used to hang the chair is also the same kind as camel reins in india, and consists of colorful string carefully wrapped around thick rope. we used similar pieces on the camel in our august 2010 catalog shoot and the same netting was used on the horse in our march catalog shoot!


camel in jodhpur, india


left- august 2010 catalog; right – march 2010 catalog

i can just imagine this swing on the front porch of a house or hanging from the limbs of a tree in the backyard of one of our devoted readers… dreaming the summer days away, reading, listening to music and swinging gently in the summer air.

and not only are you getting one of the coolest store display pieces EVER, you also get something that is quite symbolic of the free people aesthetic. this swing is truly special!



1. fill out the brief form located on our facebook page here.

2. at the bottom of the form, make sure you “like” us on facebook

3. come back to the blog and leave a comment on this post letting us know you’ve completed the steps!*

*the winner will be selected at random from the comments on this post – make sure to leave your email address so we can contact you!

the giveaway will remain open for one week- a winner will be selected wednesday june 1st.

the swing will come with all the pieces you need to hang it, as well as instructions.

good luck!


  1. love this swing! i’m moving from california to texas in a month and this swing will be perfect for the balmy texas nights!
    completed the steps… and invited friends to enter too

  2. in your face I already “liked” you on facebook.
    also, I just bought the most perfect dress at your Denver location to wear to the telluride bluegrass festival in june, I guess I’m just saying thank you lol

  3. I just luv free people I dnt wear any other brand exept when I work out it’s the best quality ever

  4. Filled out the form, and I like you before the form was filled out! It is a beautiful swing!

  5. I just luv free people I dnt wear any other brand exept when I work out it’s the best quality ever I swing is awesome

  6. form filled, fb liked…and I LOVE the swing and your blog! Def my favorite part of FB. I have tried so many of your DIYs and love the blogs with interior shots of showrooms and living spaces. Keep them coming! (and thanks)

  7. I absolutely LOVE this swing!!! It would be so incredible to have my own piece of fp handmade art! <3 <3

  8. Your stuff is the best, so different and fits my personality perfectly. I completed all the steps. Pick me please!

  9. I’ve completely entered, yay! Omg, i wish i win, win, win!!! This swing will b most awesome for me and my 2 yr old, mini little me. I know she will enjoy it as much as i. Fingers crossed<3

  10. Done!

    I love this swing, the colors are beautiful and it would go nicely with my Turkish, moroccan, eclectic, theme.

  11. Completed the form. Already liked free people on facebook a longgggg time ago :) I am a religious follower on facebook. I love the blogs, ideas on clothing and when people upload their own fp creations. Its what I look at on my lunch hour everday! (Otherwise I wouldn’t have known this gorgeous swing was up for a giveway) Good luck to everyone! <3 fp

  12. Would love to have that swing on my porch for the summer – would give a much needed splash of color to the deck. Form filled out, FB liked.

  13. I’m in African right now and I just looked at the swing and it is so unique and fun!! I would love to sit in it and drink pina coladas with a friend in the sun ALL summer long. I HAVE COMPLETED THE STEPS AND INVITED A FEW OF MY FRIENDS. <3

    ps. I stop in your store in SB on State street as much as i can, one of my favorite stores :)

  14. i love this swing! it would be perfect outside, but can’t you imagine it hanging inside, in a child’s room or something? so fun and full of personality. i’ve completed all of the submission steps. hope i win!

  15. Oh my I LOVE this SO SO much. it is such a magical swing. such beautiful colors and wonderful craftsmanship. it would be an absolute treasure. i did the steps, fingers crossed. i would LOVE to win this.
    peace & love!

  16. Done & done! Heres to hoping that I’ll be daydreaming & star gazing in that lovely swing soon!

  17. I filled out the form and I have always loved you on facebook and in my heart! <3 xo Hope I win! Thank you for being awesome!

  18. I have always wanted to hang a hammock from the ceiling of my room but this would be so much more awesome! I’m an art major and hope to one day be one of your display artists. Ah completed the necessary steps

  19. Hello Free People,

    I am obsessed with Free People, I filled out the form and completed all the necessary steps. I pray I win this swing is faboulous and would go lovely in my foyer

  20. I filled out the form, and I had already liked you on facebook. I love love LOVE the swing! So gorgeous! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win something so unique!

  21. Form completed, and liked your facebook page a long time go! I’d love it if I could. Thanks for the inspiration, this swing is AMAZING! Love the culture behind it, hoping and wishing and praying to win! xo

  22. followed all the directions…now hoping that this sweet swing will make the perfect addition to my dorm room in the fall :)

  23. Form filled. I’ve been a FB fan for ages now!
    <3 Free People! That swing is amazing – my kids would love it!

  24. If I was a boy at sea
    I would be swinging from a broken tree
    I would be down on my back looking up at stars at night.

  25. crossed all the “t”s, dotted all the “i”s :
    the form has all my info, liked you on facebook ages ago, and daydreaming about the swing… sending positive vibes of peace&love your way!

  26. I saw some amazing swings on my trip to Costa Rica (and almost bought one) but this one is by far the most beautiful! I really hope I win it. *Fingers crossed* I completed all the steps so now I just sit and wait.

  27. All done! The swing is so beautiful and truly one in a million. I am thrilled just for the beautiful idea and will be ecstatic if I win :)

  28. My girls would love this swing! Thank you for the opportunity to win and for your wonderful brand!

  29. This is the first giveaway I have ever entered!! This swing is beautiful, whoever wins will have the perfect summer spot!!

  30. DONE! Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed! :) BTW…i totally spelled my last name wrong the first time i posted…my fingers got to excited about the swing!!!!!

  31. all completed! always loved Freepeople! i wonder if i get a chance in winning this!

    freepeople fan from Singapore

  32. I can see the Christmas card now…..sun shining, fresh cut green grass, flowers blooming, and all three of my beautiful daughters together on this beautiful swing!

  33. Form is completed, and liked (loved) Free People. I love this swing, it is so unique and such a great piece of art. I would be honored to win this!

  34. My entry was successfully submitted!! Summer time and the living will be so easy if I win that swing <3

  35. I completed the steps!! yay~~ i hope i win this beautiful piece of art!! if i win i will swing on it those cool summer nights!! love it

  36. form filled out and liked your page ages ago! i also shared it so all my friends can enter!! ^_^

  37. Incredible give~away FP! This would be a perfect piece to use for inspiration to create the outdoor space of my dreams for my home and family! xoxo

  38. I love Free People, the clothes are absolutely gorgeous!!! I keep the catalog for months and it inspires me! Keep up the good work! Power to the People!

  39. I’ve been imagining living in a home for years, and we finally got one this month!!! My daughter Capri Peace turned two on Cinco De Mayo and this swing sings her name!!!! I’m dying to see her curly sandy locks blowing through the breeze in our backyard, sippin on sunshine while she swings on this! Can we say Picture perfect!! :) Hope it’s US!!!! WE <3 FP

  40. All the steps completed, now all that it is left is to hopefully win the chair! It has always been a dream to go to India and this will hopefully make the dream that much closer to home!!

  41. LOVE the swing. LOVE the colors. If I could upload a photo- I would show you where it would fit perfectly in my new casa.

    Also entered the sweepstakes and ‘liked’ you long time on FB!

  42. This swing is amazing, can’t wait to have a little piece of india in colorado, I wish I could go back!

  43. I am a Free People junkie! Love it all, including the DIY, blogs and of course the giveaways!! Thank you for helping me make it through each day with a smile on my face and inspiration in my heart. Peace!

  44. Completed all the steps. Only I didn’t have to “like” FP, because I already had once before :) This would match my FP inspired driftwood wrapped in colorful yarn I’ve got hanging from the dogwood in my backyard!

  45. The swing is beautiful, I just want to curl up with a good book in the sunshine. I completed all the steps, hope I win <3

  46. just filled out the form– absolutely adore the swing, you guys always have the best fabrics!

  47. I did all the steps (I had already liked you guys on facebook for some time now!!). I just got a new house this year with a great porch that this would look oh so beautiful on! Heres to a great brand/company with amazing give-aways!!! LOVE you! :)

  48. I love this swing. So totally summer. And I want a camel!!! LOL. I have wanted a camel for ever. Now I want a camel and the lovely netting to dress it in. I entered the drawing and have liked your facebook page for a long time.

  49. Ok, entered…I have the perfect place for that lovely swing all picked out and am crossing my fingers! Thanks! Everyone loves a good give-a-way!

  50. This is awesome! I followed the steps. This would be an awesome birthday surprise for my friend who LOVES Free People and has a great new backyard! <3

  51. Done and Thank you for sharing all your beautiful creations with us! You are so much more than clothes! XOX

  52. I entered!… My birthday is next week, what a fabulous gift this would be for my cottage’s porch :-)

  53. I entered and really hope I win this to put in my apartment! If I could have everything I own be Free People, I would!!

  54. B-E-A-UTIFUL! Never been to India myself, but would love to go someday. I followed all the steps & am chanting my new mantra “i am one with the swing, i am one with the swing”. I know whoever wins will enjoy it to no end! Thanks Free People! xoxoxo

  55. this swing is fantastic!!! thanks for giving us the chance to win it! completed the form, already “liked” you guys awhile ago and as many other ladies have said, my fingers are crossed!! (^_^)

  56. Completed the steps! I live in florida and could enjoy this swing all year long! Love your clothes and this swing is so cool and defiantly has a great story to tell.

  57. Alllll done. FYI, I only came across this because I was procrastinating getting any work done. If I win this, I’ll never be productive again. Pleeeeeeeease, let me browse your site while swinging from this under my apple tree. xoxo, fp.

  58. Form filled out! A few seconds of my time = totally worth the chance at having that swing. It’s precious.

  59. LOVE it!!!!! Entered sweepstakes & I already “like” you.. fingers crossed! <3

  60. Finished the Steps!
    Crossing my fingers!
    My birthday is June 7th so this would be an AMAZING 20th b-day gift!! >_< <3
    Love you FP!

  61. Love this swing!! My 14month old, a future free peopler, will enjoy this swing growing up.. It’s gonna be wonderful!!!

  62. I LOVE the swing. I see myself and my sweet little girl swinging on our new porch all summer.I have liked your fb page for a very long time now. I hope we win!!

  63. I completed all of the steps. I have the perfect little tree for the perfect little swing.

  64. love this swing would be perfect addition to my garden porch and would love to swing after a long day at work making kayaks its a hard job and i need more places to relax when i get home LOVE Free People you guys rock got my entry in love peace and rocking on the river

  65. this fabulous, fun swing would look GREAT on my patio in hermosa beach this summer! perfect spot to watch the sunset and check the fp blog :)

  66. Absolutely yes. Love – That’s where I recognized the material – the Camel! How lucky is she to be able to live in India half of the year?!

  67. Thanks so much for offering to share one of these with us! I made sure to complete each step and have moved into the fingers crossed phase. Sometimes when I’m feeling blah I’ll visit one of your stores to lift my spirits and re-energize the creativity. This swing is so gorgeous!! Would love to hang it in right in my apartment and swing off into the distance… :)

  68. This swing would be an ideal place to have some tea in the AM, meditate or listen to my Logitech Squeezebox while bumpin would love to be the lucky winner!

  69. NO. FRIGGIN. WAY. I LOVE swings! I’ve been a swing-obsessed-secretly-a-kid-inside adult who wishes to win this!! I have such fond memories as a kid at the park… always heading straight for the swing set. This would fit perfectly into my Free People inspired home decor! oh please oh please *crossing my fingers* I filled out the form and all the steps!

  70. Completed the steps. The swing is so incredible! I’m in love with it. Hope I win!

  71. I love free people! I had a good friend introduce me to them and now I have sent some of their magazines to my friends! I completed the steps :)

  72. This is the perfect summer porch swing! Thanks Free People for always having the best clothes, blog, decor and giveaways!

  73. Finished all the steps! I love your clothes, and this swing will match the dress I purchased perfectly!

  74. Swing perfection! I would love to sit in this everyday in the summer heat! I have “liked” FP for a long time, and filled out the form! Thank you Free People for being so amazingly creative, and inspirational!

  75. I have been in love with this swing ever since your post about the summer store displays. I entered the sweepstakes, filled out the form, and like you on facebook!

  76. What an incredibly gorgeous swing! I’ve always yearned for a porch swing, but I’ve never seen something as special as this. I liked you on FB (forever ago!) and entered the sweeps via FB, too. Fingers crossed! xo

  77. This swing is beyond gorgeous!!! I hope I get lucky for once! All steps completed. :)

  78. Loveliest thing you can win online. I’ve never had good luck, but you never know.

  79. Hello lovelies, I am part of an Orchid club in the city of San Diego and I have a beautiful jungle looking garden in my back yard. Where this Love swing would ad so much more character with all the colors in my garden. Plus it would be such a peaceful place to kick back and read a book. have a beautiful days.
    3 minutes ago · Like
    ♥ Cassandra Denée

  80. Wow! What an incredibly gift! So beautiful & so unique! I can’t even imagine all the comments you will have but, I will add my hat into the ring anyway! Thanks for such a special treat! All the best!
    ps filled out the form, et al. :)

  81. Steps have been completed! :)
    Summertime’s comin’ and I’m feeling free
    Dazzling in feathers and fringe by F.P.
    Lemonade sunset and all that she brings
    Perfect for rockin’ on my own summer swing…

  82. Simply gorgeous!! This swing would look so awesome hanging from my porch!!! And just as awesome rocking my newborn baby girl(due in Sept.)in it on a nice breezy, summer afternoon!! I have completed all the steps to enter! <3 u Free People!!!! :)

  83. Followed the instructions, LOVE YOU GUYS and this swing that you are so generously giving away!! I really hope luck is on my side with this one! <3<3

  84. This swing is beautiful! I’m getting married this summer and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have photos on this swing in my dress with my husband to be! Hopeful, dreaming and wishing!

  85. Obsessed! too cute! free people you always have the most wonderful ideas! p.s. completed the steps-yes!

  86. Now that I’ve completed all the steps I have to say, I love how unique and colorful the swing is…our house was built in 1886 and we have a beautiful wisteria near our front porch that would compliment the swing. Most of all, I love the creativity behind the design and can totally appreciate the hours and hours of workmanship it took to construct, it is truely a work of art :)

  87. I love FP, I filled out the form, but now I’m wondering…does the camel come with the swing?

  88. I have completed all the steps.

    Can’t help but hope to win such a beautfiul piece of art. Good luck to all!

  89. Filled out the form and invited everyone I could think of! Now all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed until June 1st!

  90. Completed each step and would’ve completed many more for this! I LOVE the swing and LOVE FP! Thanks for the sweepstakes~

  91. I followed all the steps… Hope I am the lucky duck!!! This would be just perfect for a gypsy soul like me…. Shanti(peace)!!

  92. Been a fan and a client for years. i absolutely love your styles! really hoping to be the lucky gal in this sweeps!

  93. Absolutely love the swing…and I know my husband and 3-year-old would love it too!! Such happy colors! :)

  94. I was in Free People two days ago when i stopped and was admiring these swings! I said to my boyfriend that I wanted one!! So excited I now have the chance to win one!

  95. Ecstatic about this opportunity, fingers crossed. I adore every single photo, piece of clothing, every free people woman I see… I browse through photo’s daily to get ideas, but this swing is just… just non repeatable! Thank you again! I love free people!

  96. gotta love free people!! alreadyyy daydreaming about daydreaming on that swing! just got a shoreline binetti bag for my birthday on the 22! hoping for the swing to top it off! steps completed now its just a waiting game ;)

  97. From Facebook to Free People, mission completed. This swing is the equivalent of the ice cream world Trapper Keeper had as a motif for a brief time;) Divine.

  98. Check. Summer is perfect for swigging! I can’t wait to dig into my stack of books and kick up the volume on my turn table baby.. all I am missing is groovy little swing on my porch! Thanks FP.

  99. I filled out the survey and “like” Free People. Couldn’t be more excited for a chance to win that awesome swing! It would look amazing in my apartment next year. Sitting, waiting, wishing….

  100. Please, please, please! This would seriously make my year! I love you guys so much!

  101. Yay, I love this swing, it’s exactly what we need on our balcony!!! You guys embody everything that is fun and beautiful, thank you for being so awesome!!

  102. Completed each step and am keeping my fingers crossed until the winner is announced. Good luck everyone :)

  103. I entered! I want this so badly, but I’d be happy for anybody to win this. It’s so lovely!

  104. Steps are completed!! I can’t wait to see if I am the winner, I’m already deciding where it would hang!

  105. I entered to win this way cool art swing that will definitely turn heads on the street in my small town.

  106. Just entered! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Would love to win! Even if I don’t I have to make one like this! I love every single thing about this swing. Thanks for the chance! Love you guys!

  107. i’ve completed the entry form :) i wish there was a love button on facebook, because i LOVE free people <3

    the swing is absolutely gorgeous! i would love to have one on our front porch here in vegas. i remember sitting on swings at my great grandparents homes back east. swinging back & forth on the covered porch watching the rain pour down during the summer. great memories. hope i win!

  108. I entered the contest!!! Having this swing would perfectly fit in with my free people inspired life! Please pick me, I would give it the perfect home. This display give away is amazing keep them coming, and keep up the beautiful display work!

  109. I’ve finished each of the steps, now I’ll just be crossing my fingers! Awesome giveaway :)

  110. I have completed the steps! I want this swing sooooo bad!I live in my backyard, it will be a perfect addition to my peaceful escape!

  111. Love this swing so much!! reminds me of my time in India! I would love to have this swing as a reminder of my trip! its beautiful and eclectic! LOVE FREE PEOPLE!!

  112. I would be overjoyed to receive this swing!!!! It would look amazing on my porch!!! I love Free People, the amazing clothes, and the blog is so inspiring. I love trying all the diy’s. In fact, I was hoping for one on this swing when I saw it in the pics of the new store opening!!!! Thanks for the chance to win such a unique item!!


  114. I completed the steps, now just patiently waiting for my name to be selected. What a beautiful swing!

  115. Incredible piece of art. I can’t believe it’s functional! Definitely hoping to win it..

  116. done. done and DONE! now i will just sit back and dream of how dreamy this swing will look on our front porch…..if only.

  117. I was just dreaming about this since I’m moving to a new house! You visualized it taken from my dream!:)

  118. LOVE the swing! Totally signed up and ready to swing on that swing with a HUGE glass of sweet tea!!!

  119. I just redesigned my indoor porch “Free People style” and this would be a perfect addition to Summer fun on the porch. Me and my 2 year old could have so much fun swinging together:)
    Good Luck everyone!!!

  120. I already liked Free People before this contest. My husband broke his neck last summer and is still recovering. It would be so cool to put that in my room until he is better and sit together. Thank you for this contest. It will make who ever one lucky person. Keep on with the great spirit of what makes Free People my favorite go to.

  121. DONE… oh my.. I just looked at the swing in Glendale with my 10 year old and we were saying how beautiful it is and it would really look great in our backyard…

  122. As if the swing wasn’t amazing as is, the netting is TO DIE FOR. <3

    Submitted and ready to swing life away.

  123. i did it all – liked, typed etc. and done!

    i would be such a good mother for this swing. i adore it. i want it so so bad. i really am hoping it “swings” my way. i have the perfect spot for it and promise to blog it up if she did happen to become mine. oh how i wish!

  124. Filled out the entry form! The swing looks like the perfect place to curl up with a book. Fingers crossed!

  125. Completed, the closing date is my birthday so I’m hoping that shall be lucky :] x

  126. This swing is amazing… it reminds me of the craftmanship and colors in my native Colombia. I liked your FB page, and I really, really hope I win it :)

  127. This swing is amazing… it reminds me of the craftmanship and colors in my native Colombia. I liked your FB page, and I really, really hope I win it :)

  128. Just entered the giveaway via facebook! This would make a beautiful edition to my newly screened in back porch! It’s gorgeous!

  129. Done with all the steps ! (: I’m writting on behalf of my mother, who was great enough to enter this contest for me (I’m only 17), I love her :p Fingers crossed that this beauty comes all the way to Portugal!

  130. Ah…………….my birthday is on Friday and this would the perfect thing for me! Love everything FP.

  131. Just entered the contest – my daughter is graduating from high school and her birthday is the day before graduation. She loves Free People and this swing would be the perfect gift for her!

  132. Done all steps! LOVE this swing…I can just imagine wearing the Kona Maxi dress while swinging with the breeze. FP designs and colors are so inspiring!

  133. My daughter Jackie loves Free People, she drags me to the Venice store all the time. Her birthday and graduation are coming up, I would love to give her this swing as a present. I know she would love it…

  134. Oh, my gosh, this is the most beautiful swing! I love it and it would look so awesome hanging on my front porch. I love Free People…my favorites clothes!!! I hope I win and then I will even have a Free People house, too! Very cool!!! So…form completed and ready to win! :)

  135. There would be no better way to spend the summer in my mind than swinging life away, reading about the human body as I study to take the MCAT to go to medical school })i({

    a 20 year old artist, biologist, free~person

  136. I just commented a few weeks ago at the King of Prussia store how awesome that swing was! I filled out the form to enter, too!

  137. psh already liked you on facebook long ago :] this chair would be the perfect inspiration for decorating my apartment! fp=love.

  138. all done! i would LOVE to use this at my upcoming wedding for a fun and unique decoration!!! and then it would be beautiful to keep in my backyard :)

  139. Love this swing! Already a follower on Facebook. Completed the steps on the sweepstakes. Now crossing fingers and toes that you’ll pick my name! :-D

  140. donee & donee i wouuld absolutely love to have this for my birthdayy that’s coming upp <3

  141. Steps completed. The swing is fun and gorgeous and would be a very welcome addition to decorate and use our new shaded deck.

  142. Wow. coolest swing ever!! Maybe I’ll win. Fingers crossed. If i do, any of you ladies who live in or near Alabama can come enjoy with me anytime ;)
    Thanks for the awesome chance FP!!

  143. woo! I’d ALREADY liked FP on facebook, so I just had to fill out the form and post! Yay!

  144. This swing makes me think of softly lit porches in the afternoon reading one of my favorite books and nice cold glass of something refreshing… ahhh i hope this comes true!

  145. I absolutely adore this swing! I filled out the form and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  146. filled out the form, liked on FB and I really really really want this swing. I love everything ,, I mean everything I see from you guys.

  147. done done! oooo i really want this there’s so many wonderful things that I can do with this swing!

  148. i did it!
    like many,many,many people as i can see,
    i have a little hope and my karma will do the rest
    but i want it!*
    so beautiful, i love india,
    remember me my lovely days in Pushkar,and Arambol…
    bonne soirée
    sophie ***********

  149. so pumped… crossing my fingers like no other! it would be the perfect pre birthday present c:

  150. love love love free people! filled out the entry form & crossing my fingers…i would love to have this cute swing on my porch! perfect for lounge-y & carefree summer days

  151. Happily finished each step for a chance to lounge on your adorable swing during the warm summer nights! ♥

  152. JUST FINISHED! This would complete my hammock and swing backyard paradise.
    To allow everyone to be a winner you should do a DIY!

  153. DONE!
    I’m moving out soon, so if I do win, the swing will look awesome in my new home :D

  154. I have the perfect place in my garden for this!!!
    Pick me., pick me, pick me…

  155. The swing would look amazing on my new front porch while wearing my new free people crochet dress :)! Beautiful. love me some free people!:)

  156. Done and done and done! Though I kind of hate that I had to add an app to my facebook page to do it. I try to avoid those things.

  157. I’ve filled out the form on Facebook and I ‘liked’ Free People a long time ago <3

    Fingers crossed for the seat swing, I'm 25 and me and my boyfriend have just bought our 1st house and I'd it really needs some love – this would be the perfect thing to bring a splash of fun into my new home as I now have no money left to decorate :P


  158. I’m absolutely in love with this chair and its unique whimsical touch!!!:) i entered!

  159. This would be an awesome graduation gift. Go class of 2011! Thanks for the chance FP! <3

  160. Finished! What a beauty….I would hang this in my backyard and read books in it all day.

  161. Oops…almost forgot to come back here to comment. I love the free-spiritedness of this swing!

  162. This swing would be the PERFECT addition to my front porch!!! :) Please let me win it!!!!

  163. Hello, lovely giveaway, just hope that you ship all the way to LEBANON.
    That will be a miracle if I win. It will look just divine in my garden under my 50 year old olive tree.
    All steps are completed, just waiting to hear from you.
    Good luck to everybody.
    Nathalie, all the way from beirut, LEBANON

  164. just entered! good luck to everyone… i know any one of us would love to have that gorgeous swing!!

  165. this swing is just as perfect as all of free peoples gear. hopefully laxsmi is on my side for this. completed the steps necessary
    namaste ladies!

  166. i am SO excited! i have loved Free People for a long time and when the swings were shown on the earlier blog post )showing the store they were in) i thought about trying to make my own but I am just not that crafty. it will look soooo nice on my porch or hanging in my bedroom.

  167. Just amazing!!! I love this swing and can picture how cute it would look in my backyard with a few colorful pillows and colorful candles!

  168. AWESOME!! i love this! i live in a really contemporary house with lots of glass windows so this would look so freaking hardcore :)
    thanks! sara

  169. I did it:) and sent invitations to all the friends it allowed me to! Can’t wait! I hope I win, I absolutely love this chair!

  170. Filled out the form, liked you on the Face, now I’m crossing my fingers and a couple of toes.

  171. Step one completed! Step two done a LONG time ago! Love Free People’s Everything!! Step three… now finished. This old lady could use a swing!

  172. Since a yoga injury a year ago triggered a nervous system disorder, I can’t do too much anymore. This swing would at least allow me to sit in style while I try to get better!

  173. completed the form and have “like”‘d Free People for a while! :)fingers crossed! it would look great in my townhome next year, love the colors!

  174. AHHHHH I LOVE THE SWING! When I was reading that you were going to have a special give away from one of the stores, in the back of my head I thought oh my gosh what if it was that awesome swing I saw in the pictures of store displays, AND IT IS!!! I would love to have this swing on my porch of the cute house me and my friends are moving in this summer! I <3 you Free People

  175. I remember when I saw that swing in your store and they let me swing on it! Hope I get to again!! Done and done as well

  176. I have completed everything. Hoping to win! That swing would be perfect in the hot hills of Tennessee!

  177. i followed the instructions! now let’s just cross our fingers! i’m in love with free people and always have been! this swing is the perfect accent to my room and will always make me smile and think of free people – my love.

  178. Been there, done that! I like funky furnishings. this would be great for my wife!

  179. This is an heirloom worthy hammock! I love it! That’s why I completed all the steps, one, two, and three!

  180. all steps competed! My house looks like a grey cloud! I need this swing on my front porch! btw, I love FREE PEOPLE! wish we had one in Kansas!

  181. okay, I’m in! I have done the deed of liking and commenting and form filling outing. now you can choose me!

  182. Oooh, beautiful. I so want to win! Can’t we win the camel and horse costumes too. My horse would look beautiful in them!!!!!


  184. Oh my goodness I just entered….I swear I’ve seen this swing in my dreams!! I know you ship to Australia now so maybe you’ll ship this prize here too!

    Fingers, toes and everything else crossed! XX lizzy

  185. Ok I did it and checked the boxes and sent the invitation to my friends who will probably win it instead of me.

  186. SO OBSESSED. please please pleaseeeeee this is so perfect.

    ps – completed the steps.

  187. i painted the camel with the colorful netting from your august 2010 magazine!
    the colors make me so happy.
    (so does this chair)
    please consider me for the winner.
    i’d love it forever and ever.
    ** i completed the steps!

  188. I have completed the steps to hopefully win the most beautiful swing to enjoy the summer sun and breeze on:)

  189. I am absolutely in love with this baby and justtt moved into my first little apartment! It would be the most perfect, stylish, fabulous piece for my living room. Lots of love to fp babes! xo

  190. Oh please, Where I live I could enjoy it everyday. I walked by the store in Manhattan Beach today and had to stop to admire the swing in the window, and now you are giving one away…it’s fate! I promise to love you forever if I am so lucky to win this beauty!!!

  191. Howdy! I finished the steps. I hope I win and if I do, I will swing my way through rainbows and joy. <3 <3 <3 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  192. Hi Free People, I’ve filled out all the forms and I was already a liker on Facebook, so that’s a check too.

    Me and my boyfriend moved to Whistler, Canada from England and have just bought our 1st house. We’re only 25 and now unfortunately we now have no money to re-vamp our awesome, but very plain, new house. This swing would be the perfect thing to out some sparkle back in our home until all out stuff is shipped from England.

    Fingers crossed <3

  193. I completed it all, invited friends and left you this poem on Facebook. Pamela Mae Spencer-Latham This is HEAVEN! I love the colors, I love to swing, I love my flower garden now blooming in Spring. I love the texture, I love the size, I would be daydreaming for hours under blue skies. If ever there was a gift for me, it would be this swing hanging under my tree!

  194. All done! This would look greaton the porch at my school. BTW I go to school in the forest where we canoe, paint, write and sing all day. Seriously, it’s called Headwaters.

  195. Fin. Love you, this blog, this store, that chair, and the storm visable through my window right now.

  196. I’ve liked your facebook page and filled out the form (Rust Hawk on FB). Thank you so much for the entry!

  197. completed! meditated to the beautiful colors of the swing during my yoga flow today, would sincerely love to have it to admire everyday! thanks for making awesome stuff! in love & light-MAS

  198. I hope to see this with me in it swinging in the sun…I love you guys soooooo much and your creative nature inspires me in all that I create…Free people is the best original clothing company ever!!!!! I love the swing…Great job once again on making something so awesome!!!Love it!!!:)

  199. LOVE! Completed the steps, shared on fb, AND just got my Ends in Sequins dress in the mail SO MUCH LOVE XD <333

  200. form completed! I love Free People and everything it stands for. I love the bold and chic style that makes any kind of girl stand out in a large crowd. It’s an honor being featured on your April and May FP me. I really hope to win this swing. I wish everyone the best of luck! :)

  201. You have NO idea how awesome that swing would be hanging outside my tent! LOVE it!! <3 I filled out the FB form, too.

  202. DONE. ummm my 4 theatre major roommates & i will be using this embarassingly frequently………

  203. Finished! I can already picture this swing on my back patio, laptop on my lap, fp blog on my browser, and lavender lemonade in hand!

  204. every time i walk into a fp store i love the artistic vibe–i hope to create that same vibe in my backyard if i win this swing! i have completed the steps~thanks for the opportunity :)

  205. Holla freepeople!

    I am super excited about this swing! I will actually be attending an artist residency in India in December, so naturally I am very much attracted to the swing..and not to mention I work with yarns and am an avid crocheter!

    All steps have been completed. Thanks!!!

  206. JUST COMPLETED THE FORM, HOPE I GET IT! this would look pur-fect in my new apartment in savannah:3

  207. Oh My Goodness!! This swing is to die for :) I absolutely love it!! I would love to set this up in my daughter’s bedroom with the pink damask wall paper. I just couldn’t have it outside to become damaged in anyway. As I said in another post, I have never been able to step foot in a Free People Boutique. I have ordered all my Free People items on the web-site or by store search. I really am disappointed that I do not get to go to their stores. The displays I have seen pictures of are awesomely beautiful. I wish upon a star that I might win this insanely beautiful Free People Display. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a nice gift FP ~~<3~~xoxo

  208. Wishing everyone luck! With a wee little extra luck to myself. Tomorrow is my birthday, Free People! this special swing would be a stellar present for a newly 23 year old fan 0:)

  209. Sooo stoked for this amazing giveaway! Just entered the contest, and I’m hoping for the best :] soo adorable, I love it!

  210. This swing would be perfect for me and my roomy’s apartment next year! Completed all the steps!

  211. I’ve ticked all the boxes. Now, like everyone else who had entered my fingers are crossed. It sure is a beauty

  212. I entered on facebook! This looks so amazing! i would use this swing everyday even in the cold!!!!!!!!! =)

  213. I have never won a thing in my life and if this is the first you will have made me a very happy girl! its lovely!

  214. Done and done!! This chair is such a happy piece, and nothing would make me more excited than having it at home on the lanai!! Fingers crossed!!!

  215. Come home to Ireland ….. you belong here in a quiet corner of the emerald Isle …..

  216. I have filled out the form and ‘liked’ FP. Please beauty swing…swing your way to the UK to me 3 >3

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  219. FINISHED! AMAZING swing! I agree with Shun, if I don’t win it, I’m going to have to figure it out, too… <3

  220. ALL DONE! LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE<3 I can just see me and my pup swinging in the hot summer sun eating cold mangoes mmmmhmmm

  221. Done! I love the picture of the camel. I think I need both the swing AND the camel in my back yard!

  222. learned about this giveaway from Poppytalk! So excited. I filled out the form & liked Free People on Facebook. I also got the entry confirmation email moments ago. Goodluck all!

  223. it’s so so beautiful. i honestly don’t know if the link worked because it just took me to my facebook home – but i found your facebook and filled out the email form and i Like free people, so maybe it will all work.
    there’s a perfect spot in our yard – we call it “the gallows” – where swings once hung but now it’s just a place we hang plants… it would be so wonderful to put this swing there and restore, in a most beautiful manner, the gallows to its original pendulant purpose.

  224. Hey FreePeople. I enetered on Facebook, would be awesome im trying to do a Free People themed Apt and this would be amazing! Pretty Pretty Please with a Strawberry on top?? Love, Luck & Lollypops!

  225. Summer exudes feelings of freedom, fun, youth and love. These words are also interchangeably used to describe Free People’s whimsical collections. I have had such a passion for what FP stands for and this swing not only symbolizes all that embodies what has inspired FP but it also stands for gorgeous days spent with friends laughing in the sun while the wind plays with every strand of hair. I would more than love this swing, I would enjoy it for everything it means to me.

  226. I finished all of the steps.

    Can’t help but hope to win such a beautiful piece of art. Good luck to all!

  227. filled out the form->liked on facebook->ready to win that swing! pppppppplllllleeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeee pick me :)

  228. just filled out the form and liked you guys on facebook. i would looove to have this swing on my screened in porch! thanks for the chance to win!

  229. And, stupid me, I forgot to say I filled out the form and ‘like’d your entry on facebook. And I am still loving the swing.

  230. Filled out the form, liked FREEPEOPLE on fb, and left my comment:
    Prettiest swingggg! I would swing everyday all day on it =)

  231. “Imagine a human being who balances three chairs, one on top of another, on a wire, eighty feet in the air with no net underneath, and then climbs into the top chair, and begins to swing…” (e.e. cummings)

  232. Oh the places this swing can take me. All steps completed for swinging into a fantastic trip.

  233. I entered on facebook! And I already like you guys so that was taken care of. I love this swing, I need something I can just lay and relax in. The colors are amazing :)

  234. Glad I caught this, my girlfriend will absolutely adore me if I win. She might love that swing a little more than me. Registered and hopeful.

  235. Entered! Some lemonade, this swing, and a southern summer evening= the happiest girl in the world

  236. Check all steps for me! I’ve been looking for an awesome swing/hammock for years to have!

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  239. filled out form — CHECK
    ALREADY had the LIKE button — CHECK
    Posting it now to finish — CHECK

    fingers crossed!

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  241. I have the perfect sunny porch for this swing! Can’t wait to swing the summer days away!

    bless up!

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  244. Completed the steps, this would be a perfect late 21st birthday gift from Free People!!!!! Love you guys!

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  247. Completed all the steps! I hope I get one, I love Free People store displays and these are so unique!!

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  251. Form filled out done!
    Likd on Facebook done!
    win swing? hoping to be the randomly picked winner :)

  252. Followed all of the steps, except “liking” you on Facebook… But only because I already had. What a cool swing! It would look so great with my hammock in the back yard. :)

  253. how do you like to go up in the swing, up in the air so blue, oh i do think it the pleasantest thing ever a child could do, up in the air and over the wall till i can see so wide, rivers and trees and cattle and all over the countryside. till i look down on the garden green, down on the roof so brown up in the air i go flying again, up in the air and down.

  254. I want this swing so bad! I would love to put this in my room for all of my girlfriends to see! I completed all of the steps!

  255. how do you like to go up in the swing, up in the air so blue? oh i do think it the pleasantest thing ever a child could do, up in the air and over the wall till i can see so wide, rivers and trees and cattle and all over the countryside. till i look down on the garden green, down on the roof so brown up in the air i go flying again, up in the air and down.

  256. I have completed all of the steps, and SO hope I win this swing! It will look beautiful hanging on my front porch! Gorgeous!

  257. Now that I’ve successfully completed each step, I can’t help to wonder how I’d look standing next to the camel in Jodhpur, India on the photo shoot (from the August 2010 Catalogue)?
    How I’d love to visit India someday too! My daydream!

  258. how do you like to go up in a swing ? up in the air so blue. oh, i d think it the pleasantest thing ever a child can do!

  259. I would love to have this swing in my room for all of my girlfriends to see! I love and adore Free People brand and have gotten most of my friends into this obsession. I completed all of the steps! Thanks for this opportunity.

  260. SICKEST swing ever !!!!



  261. Done. This swing is fabulous!! It would look great on my backporch. I could sit in it and look out over the lake. Heaven.

  262. I entered the contest and hope I have the chance to win this beautiful chair! I love free people more than any other company! I saw one of these in the store in South Coast Plaza and just stared at it because it was so intricate and interesting…so excited that there is an opportunity to actually own one. I love all of the colors and the way these chairs relate to India! Please pick me!

  263. This would look so cute on the steps of my very first college house!! My fingers are crossed :)

  264. i can picture this perfectly on the front porch of our new house… that we hope to start building in the next few weeks. :0)

  265. I just entered! love all things free people and really hope I win! I always wished free people sold apartment things

  266. the world should be painted by free people. at least everything man-made. though i wouldnt mind a tie-dyed cloud or two <3

  267. I love your look books. They are pure eye candy. I can see this swing hanging from the large oak tree in my back yard. I already liked you on facebook and I filled out the form.


  268. all steps complete! thank you so very much for the opportunity. what a truly breathtaking piece <3

  269. filled out the form, already “liked” FP on facebook. wish there was an option to LOVE! oh and a happy happy birthday to the ever inspiring stevie nicks — to the gypsy that remains faces freedom with a little fear, I have no fear I have only love … xoxo

  270. Hey! Had a little girl 12 days ago!! Really want to tie this to a tree in my back yard and nurse her to sleep!! Keep us in mind! WE WANT THE SWING!!! Yow!

  271. Completed the form and already liked free people for a while!!!! Love the swing..soooo cute!!!!

  272. I have completed the form. It would be such an incredible gift to give to my daughter whose birthday is June 1st!! (I put my daughters email instead of mine so that she’ll know whether or not we won.) Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

  273. ♥ Free People ~ I friggin’ LUV your style! I hope to win the swing here, and show all the peeps in my town what “beautiful” looks like ; ) My house faces the mountains, with a scenic view…I have just the place for this beauty ♥.
    I completed all the steps – please OH please pick me!!! ~ Kryss ~

  274. This swing is gorgeous! Completed each step and wishin for luck to be in my favor! c:

  275. Completed the steps, crossing my fingers for the beautiful swing so I can put it in my new place in a few months. :)

  276. THIS IS AMAZING!! I love this swing so much, so beautiful. Would be perfect on my patio. :)

  277. I love this swing and the colors are amazing! I can
    So see myself on it with my kiddos~ ahhh, how relaxing
    I “like” you before! Thanks so much!!! xoxo

  278. swing would be amazing in my new beach apartment once I move cross country to california!! XX and wishing!!

  279. I did it! I really hope I win this it would be the perfect gift for my best friend/maid of honor!

  280. LOVE LOVE LOVE this swing almost as much as I love free people… and I’m feelin’ lucky today!

  281. Fingers crossed to win this beautiful swing. It would be perfect to sit on with my daughter and read stories….

  282. All steps are a go. I will have this swing please, yes I will. I hope it is mine; I can’t wait until.


  283. Consider me entered! This would be the perfect addition to my new apartment in San Francisco! help a college kid out!

  284. I love the swing just like everything Free People, I would love to own it! Went through all the steps, thanks for giving me the chance to try to win such a unique piece of art!

  285. Definitely this swing would rock in my balcony!! neighbors would be so jelous ;)) too precious…

  286. Done!
    I would love to win a hanging swing for the summer (and winter/spring/fall)! its too perfect. this one is something special :) thanks fp for great promotions!

  287. I completed all the steps and now i wait, it would be reallly nice to win.. an birthday present from my favorite store!!!

  288. That swing and the camel are so beatiful. (so is all of your clothes).I wish I could spend a winter in India learing how to make beautiful things like that! They also have amazing fabrics, colors, and cothing!

  289. This swing is sooooo dreamy!! Would love to sit on my front porch in my “tropical storm dress” and read all afternoon.

  290. The swing is so gorgeous! I can’t believe y’all are giving it away! Didn’t think twice before I filled out the form. (I already liked Free People because I’m addicted to your clothes!)

  291. I am going to get that swing and I’m gonna sit in it and drink lemonade, and maybe eat some watermelon, all while wearing an awesome FP dress. So there.

  292. Just got a new apartment in Chicago with a huge deck!

    This swing is the only thing missing!
    Entered the contest!
    Hope I win!!