thursday poll – edition 133

we have a cool new page on our website right now where you can shop by girl! so if you’re a ginger, meadow, sandy, candy or lou you can click on them and go to a selection of items just your style.  i thought it would be fun for today’s poll to pick an outfit from each shop and see which one you like best, without telling you which girl it is :) so vote for your favorite below and then you can click on each image to go to that girl’s shop!

girl #1:

girl #2:

girl #3:

girl #4:

girl #5:

view the whole shop by girl section here!

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9 years ago

I’m loving outfit #2!

9 years ago

three all the way!

9 years ago

Girl #5 most definately! ~they are all awesome though!

9 years ago


9 years ago

I normally like the Meadow style but my fave outfit out of these is definitely Ginger… that top is so fun and unique

9 years ago

Not dumb…fun. I’m totally Meadow.

9 years ago

It’s taken me a long time to find myself. I think I might be Candy because I like the rich fashions and I also like to cover up. But, I’m also Sandy because I’m real easygoing and laidback but I maybe not because I still like fast paced things like t.v, magazines, fashion, big cities… I like Lou because I love shirts that have that Tomboy appeal, but I don’t feel I’m exactly 100% a Tomboy.??

9 years ago

I have to pick #3 because it’s just so hot where I live and I love fabrics where it feels like the breeze is just flowing so naturally through. But, I would have to put something else with this to make myself feel a less school teacher like and more fashionfree and instyle. I love rich romantic, passionate clothes but at the same time they have to be and feel like they are on the move with what I’m trying to go and what I’m trying to do. I would have to make it feel more like a new outfit I just bought.

9 years ago

I also think I might like #5 if the shirt was baggier in a looser fit with wider stripes or maybe another solid color. I like to look at this top as an Saturday night off evening going shopping I need to get home before ten o’clock so I can catch the late night news and maybe some sitcoms, and some music videos.

9 years ago

topo, I’m so sad they deleted my comment and now yours doesn’t make any sense!