thursday poll – edition 135

good morning! it’s time for a lookbook poll – our may lookbook is all about movement, shown through light, flowing skirts and dresses perfect for summer nights dancing under the stars. i love how expressive model alina baikova is in these photos! which one is your favorite?

look one:

look two:

look three:

look four:

look five:

look six:

look seven:

look eight:

look nine:

look ten:
click on each image to see items in the outfit.

to read about the makeup for this shoot, click here!

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12 years ago

That was a difficult choice because she is so stunning! XOXO

12 years ago

I LOVE Free People but, your models are way to skinny.

mark jenson
12 years ago

i like the look the model is giving in number 8. its a kind of ‘come hither stare’ as if shes saying.. “come close, i have a secret, but i forget what it is.”

12 years ago

She is scary thin! Since most of the women buying your clothes aren’t close to being that tiny, showing these looks on a model with a more average build would be helpful for those of us who want to know what the clothes will look like on us!

12 years ago

I would agree with the comments about the models being too abnormally skinny. that’s not us, your audience.

12 years ago

yes, she is thin, but some people just are. —just as some people are bigger boned and heavier set. In my opinion, models shouldn’t be criticized for being skinny, just like how heavier set people shouldn’t be criticized for how they look. My only concern is if a model is too thin to be healthy. Free People isn’t just showing models that are a size 0. ~As Julia mentioned earlier, she posted the Houston store look book. She also posts from people’s pics on Facebook as well as Employee pictures. Let’s focus on the beauty of the garments and the hard work that has gone into creating such lovely pieces of art. This is merely a way to display them. :)

12 years ago

I voted for 3 because it seems real fun and upbeat for the summer. But, I think I should have voted for nine because I like to feel a little more covered on top. If I wear something that’s too showy or really flashy, I find myself pulling and yanking at the top all day and it drives me crzzy. But both styles are nice but 9 just has that lo-key down to earth appeal minus the mother sweater look. I think I would, however, I would wear one color bottoms in red, or pink just to make the outfit a bit more busy, fast paced city like. Or, I think I would wear a pair of jean bottoms in green and maybe summer red or skirt to make the style more romantic and passionate(full of love) to express my love of quiet peaceful summer nights in great fashoins..

12 years ago

Oh, yea, I’m trying to work on that when I see models or people who are very skinny. I think the model looks very good in these photos. I wouldn’t think that she’s being too distractive or anything. I wouldn’t know what size to purchase but I still believe she looks incredible visually in the clothes. I don’t think her skinness influences my decisions to buy the clothes. For me, it’s more so how the picture is taken and if it looks visually well displayed,styled, and photographed.

12 years ago

OH MY GOD!!! They are VERY skinny! :O im choked!