i’ve got lots of great diy inspiration for you all today so lets get right to it!

one of our readers made this bike lock inspired by our dog leash DIY! i love the fabrics she used…this is a great way to jazz up your bike lock, just wrap different scraps of fabric around it!

another reader, autumn, sent this awesome project she made for her environmental perspectives class, in which they were required to create an interior or apparel item made entirely out of recycled materials.

she made an up-cycled outdoor chandelier using an old wire basket, recycled glass jars, various necklaces and chains found in her dresser, a coat hanger to hang it up and a little bit (or a lot) of creativity! she spray painted the wire basket to match the necklaces and coat hanger, used some wire to hang the jars from the necklaces, filled the jars with collected sand and seashells then topped it off with a votive candle…..perfect for an outdoor summer garden party!


speaking of outdoor parties, i can’t get over these string chandeliers from the blog wednesday!



the seem like they would be so much fun to make:


check out the tutorial here.

and here’s a similar project from shannon south that uses lace doilies! beautiful.



hmmm…which project to try first…

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9 years ago

I always look forward to Wednes-diys! A little creative boost to get us through the work week! :D keep them comin’

9 years ago

BEAUTIFUL. We’re setting up our deck for summer, this is so perfect for it! I will definitely be trying all of these.

9 years ago

i love the lamp made out of lace dollies!!! my next project is set to be studded converse!!

xx from hong kong :)

9 years ago

The DIYs are always so wonderful! Definitely a highlight of my week in the blog world..

9 years ago

Thanks for the feature!!! We LOVE Free People!

9 years ago

The bike lock is genius! Just did the same to mine!

9 years ago

That up-cycled outdoor chandelier is amazingly beautiful. I wanna make one for my room. =))

9 years ago

Thanks so much,i love it.

9 years ago

Very Cool!

9 years ago

I gotta try the doily chandelier! -C.C.

Holly Jean
9 years ago

I love all these ideas =) I am currently creating the doily.
But I have a question, is Free People a free trade organization? I would to continue buying your clothes =)

9 years ago

But I have a question, is Free People a free trade organization? I would to continue buying your jeans.

3 years ago

I think these ideas are great and will not go out of fashion. I’ve been doing DiY crafts for my garden, too and I really liked these string chandeliers .