An inspiration from New York

I always get inspired when I go to New York and even more inspired by the Young designers who emerge from there. So, when I heard we were carrying Madison Harding, a street provocative footwear line, my inspirational bank started to fill up.
Free-spirited and all-around chic, Madison Harding thrives on the creative style that flawlessly blends modern looks with a vintage edge. These shoe designers draw inspiration for their retro, yet street provocative footwear line from the beloved Lower East Side and New York’s staggering music and art scene

Hilary Rosenman and Barri Budin bonded over a shared love of fashion and contemporary design during their college years. After school, they moved to the East Village in New York City to start their careers in the fashion industry. Hilary served as a fashion market editor and Barri assisted at a contemporary fashion showroom. Soon after, they discovered a lack of accessible, high-fashion shoes designed for the downtown city girl, so the girls set out to follow their true passion, footwear.

The name Madison Harding represents the designer’s roots, Hilary grew up on Madison Ave in New York City and Barri on Harding Drive in New Jersey.


Their shoes fit in perfectly with a New York City girl’s essential wardrobe! what inspires you about New York?

Madison Harding Forget Me Not Platform Shinobi Wedge

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10 years ago

this is such a great story! i’m from new york and stories like this inspire me, if you can make it here you’ll make it anywhere newww yorkkk ;) …pun intended. haha

10 years ago

the lower east side is definitely where I want to be living one day. great post! always exciting to hear news from nyc :)