call of the wild: behind the scenes

behind the scenes pics from our june e-catalog shoot here at the navy yard in philly! as i’ve told you, day one we shot with martha hunt in our web studio, with her boyfriend as hair stylist. it was such a fun day- he was doing the coolest stuff with her hair, and martha is always a blast to be around – we love her!

our senior photographer showed us this cool camera trick – tape a piece of cardboard over your camera lens with the tiniest little pinhole in the middle:


the result is this cool ghostly effect:





day two we worked with andreea diaconu and shot outdoors in the wilderness of the navy yard :) there is a lot of abandoned land down here that used to be used for military barracks and such, so we went to one of the fields and had a pretty entertaining time fending off deer ticks and tending to a few cuts and bruises… andreea was a trooper and looked beautiful as she danced amidst the grass.






group huddle around the computer to review shots :)







view the e-catalog online here!


  1. that’s not wheat, its fragmitis. they burn it every so often along i-95 to keep it from catching fire in the summer.

  2. Question, is that a lens cap with a hole in it? And then he tapes the cardboard over that? I’m very interested in how this technique works but I’m confused over how…


  3. Yeah, its just the camera body cap that I drilled a whole in and I actually covered the hole with a small piece of aluminum foil and taped the foil to the cap. I then took a needle and made a very small hole in the foil, the smaller the better….and thats it. So basically it is a digital pin hole camera/ digital camera obscura. Good luck and enjoy the happy accidents that this technique makes :)

  4. i absolutely adore your blog!!! but where is the wed DIY ? I was so waiting for some inspiration!!!!

  5. I have a question about the camera trick… You tape a piece of cardboard?? I don’t understand. Can you explain more? :)

  6. nothing screams opulence like a photo shoot in a filed of a proliferting invasive species, well done guys…

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