call of the wild: june e-catalog preview!







june is the one month each year when we do not shoot a catalog, but this year we decided to do something a little bit different… and the result is our first ever interactive e-catalog, “call of the wild”! launching monday june 6 on our website, there will be 17 interactive online pages for you to explore complete with behind the scenes footage, hair and makeup tutorials, how-to style videos, mood board and more!

the e-book was shot right here at our home office in philadelphia’s navy yard by our senior photographer, featuring martha hunt and andreea diaconu.  be sure to check out on monday for the full experience, it will blow your mind!


  1. umm…so far, this looks like it could be my favorite catalog…haha! Can’t wait to see it! :)

  2. I’m writing from Chile!! Every day I read this blog, but first time I don’t like an issue, the latest catalog models look very thin and this model doesn’t look healthy, I’ve always been a fan of free people.
    I do not mean to focus on overweight women but I hope not change and continue to promote natural women like her clients. With affection Rosario

  3. The model is way too thin… I agree Rosario said it! What does this leave young girls with?
    Clothes are beautiful.

  4. I really can’t stand it when people criticize others for being too thin. I am naturally very thin and have been teased for it, called anorexic, a twig- whatever. It hurts just as much as being called too fat. Young girls should know that all body types are beautiful. Confidence and being comfortable in your own skin makes you beautiful.

  5. i am talk about the none blond she is not thin she look very healthy and the blond too only model i see trouble is alina baikova

  6. Rarely do I feel the need to comment, but as of late the models look really thin. I know models are supposed to be slim, but damn!

  7. marthablond look like she lost some weight very thin this month my be the flu bug got her this month she make the other model look like plus size model

  8. I try to speak proper English, if something is wrong understand me hehehe :D
    jenni I’m also very thin and often criticizing, I’m not against skinny people, only that a publisher with a too thin model doesn’t go with the beautiful free people publishers are always thin models, but this time I don’t consider while nothing looks good aesthetics of previous catalogs

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