friday hair tip!

this adorable fabric headband caught my eye yesterday…and our buyer who is wearing it had a great idea! you can make these with old free people bags :) i know i, for one, have about ten of them lying around so i decided to try it out!




i cut a strip of fabric from the bag length-wise, so that i would have a longer piece of fabric. then i just folded it over a couple of times and wrapped it around my head like a turban! if you’re not sure how to do that – we’ve got a tutorial you should check out here :)


voila! perfect for a hot summer day, at the beach, for yoga or just anytime you need to keep your hair out of your face!


  1. also loveeeee the sweater, which one is it?/available on website at all :)
    Also such a clever recycled idea, definetly inspired me to hunt through all my old bags and fabrics which will now have a new lease of life as headbands ha!
    from a newbie free people uk fan! xx

  2. Oh my gosh! I was in my FP where I live, and one of the sweet employees told me about this! I totally forgot that I was going to try it soon! Thanks for reminding me! ;) xoxo

  3. super super simple. yet very stylish. I think, based on the fabric you used, it’s much better to use printed or colorful fabrics.

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