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12 years ago

YAY! I’ve been looking forward to this all day.

12 years ago

I feel summer just around the bend!!! great new desktop :) hope I survive the hot Arkansas weekend ahead!

12 years ago

so excited for summer



12 years ago

awesome. I print these out every month and stick them above my bed. not only is it cheaper than buying a calendar at the beginning of the year for $20, it also looks a lot better.

12 years ago


12 years ago

Really Awesome, I have no word to express the beauty.
Thank you so much for all the pictures,
And your effort is highly appreciative.
Great Work

12 years ago

why do you have to be 21.. :/ darnn!

12 years ago

how do i download this? or how do i print this off so its still good quality?

12 years ago

click on the image and you’ll be redirect to Flick’s page. There, you can visualize all the sizes avaiable to download. It’s better if you download the biggest size :)
After that, when you’ll have already the file on your PC, I believe the best way to find the size with good resolution for print, it’s open the file on Photoshop. It’s not the easiest way but it never fails! Once you have the file opened on Photoshop, you can fit it on a document with 210x297mm (A4 size) and the best resolution is 300. When you print an image, a 200 or 150 it’s also good, but if you put 300, I’m sure it’s gonna be AWESOME. Hope it works to all who have these doubts =) !
Liis K.

12 years ago

ps: my bad, when I say 300, 200 or 150, I mean pixels ! :)