office space polaroids











so, i just got an iphone…after holding out for a while, i decided to join the party. i still find it a little overwhelming, but i will say this – the photography apps are amazing! hence the office space polaroids…(taken with the shake it app).

do you guys have any recommendations for great apps, photo or otherwise?

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if you enjoy taking videos, the 8mm app is wonderful. they have different filters to make your videos have a bit more personality.
by far, one of my favorites!


I have a droid, but absolutely love the “retro camera” app.. see if you can find it for your iphone :)


do hipstamatic prints, instagram is also cool. retro cam.


What a beautiful batch of photos! Love the bright purple flowers in the first picture, the hanging necklaces are so cool, the sign that says, “Free” (from an old FP store sign?) is absolutely timeless, and I would love to have something like that in my room. It symbolizes my favorite clothing brand as well as the lifestyle I try to create for myself (many thanks to you all at FP for inspiring me daily!). I also love the store display vases, although I’m quite bummed that I didn’t jump on it and purchase one when FP Walnut Creek had… Read more »

These photos are lovely, I am a fan of the hipstamatic, there are tons of lenses and styles to choose from.

polaroids make everything look amazing!

I LOVE iPHONE PHOTO APPS! my favorites are shake it, camera bag, & instagram!

what i love even more than that is real old timey polaroids… i wish they still made the film. i use a fugi film polaroid where they come out the size of credit cards, it helps ease the pain! <3

Alison Strieker

I want to buy an iPhone JUST to use as a camera! (Is this possible, or dO I have to pay for the pricely plan, too?) BTW, htere are no cameras with these features…I’m really hoping someone will come to their wits and get one out there (besides the Holga, where you can’t get intant results0




Some of my favorite apps are instagram, Diptic (this allows you to create layouts for your photos), iDarkroom, and Slow Shutter Cam.

Aww…. love these photos! They’re simply awesome!
Have a nice day! xo


def instagram…hipstamatic…8mm…and fisheye camera…enjoy!


i love photosynth you can get some super cool photos with it

I love that floarboard and the chair in the photograph third from last. What I wouldn’t give for floorboards like that!