Office Style: Little Details

If there’s one thing Free People employees know how to do … it’s accessories. Everyone had on the best little details today, so I just had to get up close and personal.

As if the shoes weren’t cool enough on their own – she takes layering to the next level with crocheted socks.

Probably the coolest vintage bag I’ve seen…ever?



I’m a huge fan of layering on tons of cool necklaces. These ladies paired the look with awesome textures in their clothes for an even cooler vibe.


So subtle and beautiful!


This woman wears where she grew up on her hand (middle finger). A friend made her a ring depicting the street.



Basics pop with the addition of unique statement necklaces.


  1. Those long thin feathers in her hair are commonly used as fly fishing ties. They look cool in hair but what a lot of people don’t know is that the roosters that these feathers come from are euthanized before the feathers are plucked. Bummer.

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