Office Style: Tattoos Round 2

Since I started at Free People, I’ve been noticing many cool tattoos around the office. I’m personally a big fan of body art – I think it’s a creative way of self expression, just one’s personal style. For this week in office style I wanted to show you all some of the cool tats I’ve been seeing on the Free People ladies. It was really fun hearing everyone’s story and why they chose to get their certain tattoo.

This intricate piece depicts a vestal virgin, the solar system, the sun, and a tree. Vestal virgin were powerful holy female priests in the Roman Empire. Apparently, they were something like witches. The bottom half where the solar system is depicted shows each planet, and it’s actual placement in orbit relative to the other planets. So cool!

Her middle name is based off of the Hindi word “sattvic” which means purity and harmonious balance in the world. On her middle finger she also has a lotus flower which is also representative of life and purity. I love how peaceful this tattoo is.


She based her tattoo off of album artwork from Incubus –  It was drawn by the drummer Jose Pasillas in the band. She changed the eye in the center by replacing it with her grandfather’s eye. The idea is that he’s always with her and watching over her.


A feather to represent her last name which means “to write” (the feather is supposed to be like a quill). After she got engaged and would be changing her last name she and her brother decided to go and get the same thing. (my brother and I both have matching tattoos too!)



All of her tattoos are drawings by a friend of hers who lives in Brooklyn. I love the idea of putting a piece of one of your friends on you.


This tree is based off of a necklace that she and her mother always wear. It’s “their little family tree.”


When back packing through Thailand with her friends, they would always draw mustaches on their fingers and take pictures. Afterward, they all decided to get tattoos so that they would always be, “mustache photo ready.” Each has a different style mustache.


This is a word that she made up which is a combination of the words “god” and “given.” She said that if she ever has her own line one day that’s what it will be called.


  1. this was a really fascinating post, hearing about all their tattoos!!!
    i dont have any (yet) but since every tattoo has a story i ALWAYS wonder about someones tattoo when i see one.

  2. Hey! I believe you mean Vestal Virgin for the first one. They were priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth and home, and guarded her hearth at her Temples in ancient Rome.

  3. I love the fact that there are so many beautiful tattoos in your office. It makes me think – I should find a new office to work in where my tattoos may be more enjoyed – not that I have them for others, but it would be nice to share stories of why we each got what we did.
    Much love,

  4. LOVE the vestal virgin tattoo- amazing. I think it’s wonderful that FP allows its employees to show off their self expression and artistic beauty. If only more companies would follow suit <3

  5. I have the same koi fish tattoo (image 3 from the top) but I got mine from Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas.

  6. I love the first tattoo especially but might want to make a quick correction: It’s “vestal” virgin. “Vestigial” means sort of left over or degenerate/under-developed.

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