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12 years ago

omg! That is awesome! I love these <3

12 years ago

That is completely awesome! FP, you continue to amaze me with the inspiring things you always post on your blog!

12 years ago

I’ve seen a few of these! They are pretty neat! :)

12 years ago

this is amaaazing! i want to do this when i go home for a visit and look through all our old photos

12 years ago

OMG this is the cutest thing ever, i want to go out and make a ton of them! i like how old the picture in the picture is… soooo sweet

http://alyssarude.tumblr.com <3

12 years ago

great idea, LOVE, and LOVE this blog!!! Actually I’m kind of obsessed with it!! :)

12 years ago

This is SUCH a unique and amazing idea. Thanks for sharing!!



12 years ago

Awesome way to jazz up layout images, Thanks for posting this.