rope swirl tapestry – giveaway!!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

i have another gorgeous piece from our summer store displays to give away! this amazing rope swirl tapestry was hand-made by our talented display team using rope, various brightly colored strings and pom poms and tassels inspired by india.  hang it on your wall, use it as a carpet in a hallway, a table runner – whatever your heart desires! one thing’s for sure- no one else will have anything like it :)


this tapestry is actually two pieces – so you can take it apart and hang them separately or keep it as one long piece!


lots of you are asking for a diy – you’re in luck, we did one :) find it here.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I not only would love to know how to make this, I’d love to hang this in my home!

  2. love this! I just entered and have my fingers crossed. your blog always put me in such a crafty spirit; I third the diy request, please :)

  3. What an amazing piece!!!! I would love to have this in my home… would be perfect!!! I’m also interested in a diy for this……thx for the chance to win!!!

  4. Yeah this is pretty sweet, here’s the deal, if I win, I will share pictures of my awesome home as a guest poster. Then you can see how the tapestry was meant for this pad! How can you pass that up? ;)

  5. i hope i win, we are moving into a new home and this could be the inspiration for my new bedroom :D

  6. Bonjour!I’m korean and grew up India and i’m living in France since a few years now.
    For the first i’m looking this objet it totally amazing and i guess how much it was hard working make it!Because i did making a lot of hand craft items with my Kashmir master in Kashmir and jaipur so~I’m really thanks for yours~giving me a lot of remind over there!I’m anxious to sharing this feeling with husband will moving new place~wish to making hin surprise!Always sad i can’t looking your great stores in here~but really thanks anyway i’m getting a lot of inspiration from your blog and site!Most big pleasure to me~I’m sure your should let to Free peoples fans how making this themselves~then even a lot of peoples can’t getting this tapi fron yours don’t need sad~lol

  7. Wow! These are not only a feast to our eyes, but also a feast to our feet to walk on them! Have to make one!

  8. God this is so fantastic!!
    This looks like it had a lot of hard work put into it, but it came out so beautiful! This is sooo my taste; I love color and different designs and textures, so this is like eye candy to me! haha :)
    If I won this, I would litterally pass out. Free People is such an inspiration and Im so happy about the community of people you all have created through your work :) Again, this is gorgeous!

  9. Would just be over the moon excited to have this in our hallway between our little love’s rooms !

  10. I would literally die to hang this in the nursery I am currently decorating for our little baby due in November. This is totally the style we are going for…anti-baby :) Fingers & toes crossed! xoxo

  11. I would literally die to hang this in the nursery I am currently decorating for our little baby due in November. This is totally the style we are going for…anti-baby :) Fingers & toes crossed! xoxo

  12. OMG. This is so amazingly gorgeous! I MUST HAVE IT as I redecorate my home after my wedding. PICK ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!! Love you FP!

  13. I made some of the rope circle tapestries from one of your DIY blog posts and I gave them away to friends…they were so much fun to make, this looks like it would be perfect for me and my boyfriends art room! :)

  14. I’m an art teacher…this is a great project to do with my students! How inspiring! Beautiful!

  15. How beautiful! I think I may love this even more than the swing! May whomever is the lucky winner enjoy this for a long time to come!

  16. I would utilize the colors and textures for learning for my toddler. The colors are so bright and cheery!

  17. Love this thingy. It is beautiful! I can see it on my old farm table in my dining room. Can’t you?

  18. Ooooh! This would really go well in my daughter’s sort of Bollywood-esque colored room.

  19. I tried out the diy and it came out really cool!! I’m gonna buy some more rope so that I can make a bunch in different sizes (:

  20. u guys r rlly good at makinmg stuff this would go great in my room since the colors match! i love free people!

  21. I belive..Dreams come true~^ ^:it’s my wish stil..Hope FP giving good chance to French FP fan even here is far from yours~

  22. oh goodness, i need this so bad. if i don’t get this in the giveaway, i’ll need to make one for myself. the store closest to me has this, and i am IN LOVE WITH IT. haha, i think the diy will take forever. do you have any idea what kind of rope you all used for this? where you got it?

  23. J’adooore! je crois n’avoir jamais vu de tapis aussi magnifique! un véritable coup de coeur!!! bravo à ceux qui l’ont réalisé! :)

  24. Ya tengo mi afombra-tapiz. Me ha costado de hacer y ha sido entretenido pero estoy absooutamente encantada del resultado. No me canso de mirarla en mi pared

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