Saturday DO

DO: take a cold shower.




It’s that time of year again. The air is already so hot that a simple walk outside is enough to leave your body coated in sweat, but don’t let it scare you! Summer is meant for being outdoors. Let the lure of sunshine, warmth, and living life overcome the sterile cleanliness of air conditioned spaces. Explore the outdoors, lay in the grass, attend festivals, plant a garden, just go outside and GET DIRTY. Afterward you’ll have a chance to jump in the shower and clean off. But don’t just let it be any ordinary shower-turn the knob to cold, and let those capillaries open up. Feel the chills all over – the way your hair gets so extremely silky with cold water. Nothing says summer quite like the alive feeling you get from a cold shower.

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12 years ago

I love your blog, i’m brazilian so here now it’s really cold, winter is coming.
i think that this shower will be a warm one. nice weekend!

12 years ago

this sounds good to me! ;)

12 years ago

I took a cold shower today after setting up for an outdoor party we are having tonight then i came and read this and i smiled sooo big my cheeks hurt! I love freepeople and summer!!!!

12 years ago

Awesome pics!