1. I can’t wait!! Yay! Free People has offered so much inspiration to me. I’ve never been to one of your stores, but I’m so excited your bringing one here in Vegas. We need you… I might have to apply for a job :)

  2. Does Free People ever wonder about expanding to Miami Florida? I hope so! If it would take minimum of three years to do so I’ll be 18 by that time. Free People is so lovely the people who are apart of Free People seem to be more like family than staff. It would be amazing to be apart of it<3

  3. AHHHH!! I just applied!! I am so excited you have no idea! I have been waiting for Free People to open here longer than I can remember..yay <3

  4. i love you guys! you’re fill of such inspiration! i work at the fashion show mall i cant wait to see you guys!

  5. OMG im super excited!!!! Free People is my ultimate favorite brand!!! cant wait to shop there :D

  6. i just had the worst service at free people in las Vegas! Madison, the assistant store manager should get fired right on the spot for her bad behavior and negative attitude, only to discover at the end that she’s no longer going to be working with the company. Which explained everything how she treated me in the store. I was misinformed about the closing hour I was told 8p. Then Madison, the assistant manager, was rushing me out the store. It was my first time in this store and very excited to check out the new store the products the people who works there, because I was also interested in getting a job there. But everytime I look at an item, Madison stood next to me and watched me, and re-folded the items I picked out. And she was irritated that I was checkin out free people’s product. I started to feel unusual because I have never had anyone treated me like that in the store, and the way she was doing it did not embody what free people employees were, not in this store at least. She was very RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, and disrespectful. I cannot believe how she got the spot as a manager. She was awful. I’d like to speak to corporate and get this issue taken care of. This person is horrible.

    She gave me such a bad experienced.

    This situation happened on January 29, 2012 Sunday at 630p.
    Madison and Bobby(ie) we’re the associate that night.

    Their store managers name is Kim.

    I hope you do something about this. This is not what I thought of free people employees. I’ve read your blogs and expectation as an employee and how you can land a job at free people, b
    But Madison, is not commited to her job, she’s unhappy, and definitely not someone to get an inspirations from. I am extremely upset.
    I am a loyal customer of anthropologie and urban outfitters.

    And after tonight, free people in las vegas just gave me a bad vibe.


  7. I also said to Madison, that I hope I wasn’t bothering her. Because how she would follow me around the store and re-fold all the clothes next to me. And suggested that I should try the clothes on now because she’s closing the store soon, when I still got half an hour. I wasnt gonna try clothes on but bobby the sales associate offered me a room so I said why not. But Madison was literally rushing me out. How rude. I am not about to spend my money with her, free people, just lost a sale. They should really look at the people they hire.


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