We’re hooked on Instagram!

Free People now has an Instagram account where we share our visual thoughts and daily activities in pictures.

We’re all addicted to this smart phone app and can’t stop capturing all the cute little things that happen in our office.

If you have a smart-phone, follow our visual journey — our username is “freepeople” — if not we will give you a weekly update of beautiful snap shots taken throughout the week;

from our home pets to our favorite restaurants, pretty mood boards and on location look book post card shots. We invite you into out postcard world!

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12 years ago

Hooray! The perfect opportunity to live vicariously through your visual buffet. Love.

12 years ago

Love these pictures, i love the vintage look that these photos have!!! Just got my new platforms from Freepeople! and I love them!

12 years ago

That last dress is phenomenal!

12 years ago

this looks like something i could do instead of hwk ♡, Rosa T.

12 years ago

I love your pictures ! I know Instagram and I get it on my Iphone, there is always a good filter for my pictures. See you soon on Instragram maybe ;-)

12 years ago

Love the retro apps that have poped up lately. Lately I gone with hipstamantic, how does Instagram compare – I dont really care for the interface in the other one. Your pics came out great!

12 years ago

I just bought the dress in the second photo!! I can’t wait for it to come <3

12 years ago

I am a big fan of instagram! I enjoy scoping out everyone’s creative photos. If you are interested you can follow me at littlepetitedesigns. I am off to find you now!

12 years ago

I am so sad, I have a droid, and this app is for iphone users:( I wanted to follow you guys so much!!!!
however i love your photos:)

12 years ago

I absolutely LOVE instagram!! I’m just getting started though and not a lot of my friends are on it yet…I already follow you guys! If anyone’s interested you can find me @tamberine =)