Endless Summer Means Beach Wear All Year Round

who wants summer to end? I most definitely don’t. i love the easy breezy beach lifestyle too much.

so, when we decided to launch an endless summer shop i was very happy indeed. our new concept introduces a wardrobe that is season-less, relating to the beach lifestyle – easy items that can be layered and carried through from summer to early fall.

our new concept shop, “endless summer”, will carry swim, long sleeve textured shirts, cotton pullover sweaters and cardigans, denim jackets and shorts, knitted maxi dresses and lose, cozy items, which can be worn to the beach as a cover up, or can be worn all year long.

beach is a lifestyle the fp girls love, so we wanted to make it last, because if you’re like me, I also enjoy strolls on the beach when it’s a little chilly outside.

here’s a little ‘endless summer’ inspiration quote from our beach designer about season-less dressing ~

“When I first moved to Philadelphia in the fall, all I had for winter was my denim jacket, a hoodie and my chucks, because in San Francisco that’s all I needed to take me through the winter. I soon found out I needed a little bit more than that. I just recently learned the concept of seasonal dress, put away coats, and take out shorts.

These, I find are staple items, that can easily be layered up or pared down, I never have to put them away. The season-less items in my wardrobe include: my vintage crochet sweater, my 501 cut offs, my Cheap Monday white V-neck Tee, and my white cotton button up.

The design concept for Endless Summer would be clothes at its loveliest most basic level, nice feel, flattering going out or staying in, layered up or layered down.

Or simply

Clothes you never want to put away.”

We love endless summer! do you want summer to end?

Go visit the store here Endless Summer Shop

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12 years ago

I love the black and white sweater (?) in the top left corner picture. Where can I find it? Thank you :-)

12 years ago

The top right picture is gorgeous.

12 years ago

All are gorgeous.

12 years ago

Lovely pictures, where can I find the sweater with horses?

12 years ago

What a beautiful concept, I love the beach when it’s a bit chilly outside too.

12 years ago

No, I most certainly don’t want summer to end! But you girls at FP are lucky that you get to work at such a cool place all year round! I love the first picture in this post. It really captures that summer mood! There are some pieces I never want to put away, that I layer up for fall and winter, so I’m never completely away from those nice summer days. xoxo

12 years ago

So pretty! Love the liine.
Also, I’ve been wondering what fonts you use for the logo and in catalogs and such. Can I find them somewhere? Or just get the name?

12 years ago

my grandpa actually made a surf documentary called the endless summer wayyy backk when surfing was just getting famous. love what the words have inspired here <3