FP Spun by Free People

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to our new line of specialty pieces called FP Spun. The line features garments made with fine Italian yarns, shiny silk blends and nubbed soft linens, accentuated with intricate jacquards, stitching and details. The pieces range from short and flirty to slinky and long to shaped and sculpted, each portraying a different personality. Learn a little bit more about spun and the lovely designers in this video!

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  1. Love the video! It must be so inspiring working with all those beautiful fabrics as a designer! Not that I could wear the FP Spun items daily, I still love looking at them, and hearing the designers talk about them! Oh, and I just love the first girl’s outfits and accent! xoxo

  2. Is that beautiful long floral kimono one of the girls is wearing (at about the 58 second mark) something that’s coming soon??? Is it an August goodie by chance???

  3. this is a pretty amazing concept, I love the fact that you are working with luxury materials and vendors. Its nice to see more conceptual crochet and knitwear instead of the typical vintage inspired pieces..definitely stepped it up a notch in my book :)

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