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9 years ago

where was this shot?

9 years ago

Beautiful, looks like it was so much fun! I was wondering…..what kind of camera did the photographer shoot with?

9 years ago

that model in the yellow collared shirt is TOO skinny!! i have suffered from an eating disorder and while i love free people, i am often triggered by many of the emaciated models that you use in your catalogs. please think about this in the future, i know that there are many free people fans out there that can back me up!

9 years ago

i love austin texas! and i think this catalog is beautiful! i especially enjoy the behind-the-scenes. its so interesting to watch things unfold and come together in the end project. so cute! thanks for sharing :)


9 years ago

I love the picture of the table and chairs! So summery and bohemian! xoxo

9 years ago

To funny, the pic with the model’s hair in rags… My aunt used to do that t o me all the time when I was little. Beautiful Mag ladies! Good job

9 years ago

i am so impressed with this shoot. serious mojo magic connection…
the models, photo team, styling, hair, make-up…just completely in sync.
there is something really unique happening in the free people realm that continues to affect the bloggers, the fashion industry and women everywhere.
i save and cherish my fp catalogs in the same manner as i did with my sassy magazines.

9 years ago

I couldn’t tell you the things I would give to live hereā€¦