1. Beautiful, looks like it was so much fun! I was wondering…..what kind of camera did the photographer shoot with?

  2. that model in the yellow collared shirt is TOO skinny!! i have suffered from an eating disorder and while i love free people, i am often triggered by many of the emaciated models that you use in your catalogs. please think about this in the future, i know that there are many free people fans out there that can back me up!

  3. To funny, the pic with the model’s hair in rags… My aunt used to do that t o me all the time when I was little. Beautiful Mag ladies! Good job

  4. i am so impressed with this shoot. serious mojo magic connection…
    the models, photo team, styling, hair, make-up…just completely in sync.
    there is something really unique happening in the free people realm that continues to affect the bloggers, the fashion industry and women everywhere.
    i save and cherish my fp catalogs in the same manner as i did with my sassy magazines.

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