july featured artist: alkemie

“the art of transforming something common into something precious.”

…so states the bio for dara gerson and ashley lowengrub’s jewelry line, alkemie, summing up exactly what they aim to do with their designs.  after growing weary of the toxic working conditions and environmental impacts of the gem and fine metal industries, the two jewelry designers – now a husband and wife team – joined forces to create a line that only uses local, eco-friendly materials.  all of their designs are made of 100% reclaimed metal and manufactured by hand in downtown LA.  their amazing pieces are certainly precious and combine sculptural and organic elements that reflect their love of the environment and planet earth.

there is definitely something very 70s and spiritual about their jewelry – i could easily picture stevie nicks piling it on her wrists and hands before taking the stage for one of her epic shows. alkemie’s pieces are featured throughout our july catalog, and they suit our rock and roll theme perfectly.


an inspiration tear from our shoot


the amazing legend buckle belt above is also by alkemie! and below is the beautiful dara of alkemie, wearing the pieces in a photo taken by her husband, ashley.


pieces featured: butterfly wing ring, maltese cross lace cuff, crest moon wrap ring.

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I like all of the pieces shown…better start saving now. haha! :)

Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thank you for your provided information.




love it all, what a great brand

god im a sucker for amazing jewelry !!! love it



What a beautiful yet mysterious jewelry line! I love how well it goes in the July catalog! The huge cuff, the crescent-shaped ring, and the turquoise ring are all breathtaking pieces! I also L~O~V~E the picture of Dara rocking the jewelry, standing on the balcony overlooking all the trees! xoxo

All these pictures are so inspirational! Everything is just so beautiful!

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