Monday Quote: Complete the Sentence

I picked up this vintage postcard at Uncommon Objects in Austin. I loved it because it made me think – so for today’s Monday quote, I want you all to write your own quote by completing the phrase:

“I never did, but always thought I would like to _____”

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  1. I never did, but I always thought I would like to…be a gypsy and travel the country selling my wares.

  2. I never did, but always thought i would like to busk my way around the world taking only my guitar.

  3. i never did, but always thought i should throw caution to the wind, move to a new place, making a living doing lots of creative, extraordinary things, live in an old victorian home and have friends over for home-made meals every night!

  4. I never did, but always thought I would like to watch the stars from on top of my roof.

    By the way, I’m getting ready to check colleges out and I really would like to work for fp (kinda early to think about, i know, but its a dream!) and I was wondering what colleges you girls went to? Like what schools have a good fashion merchandising program? I’ve already visited Drexel and I loved it! I’m from Illinois, by the way.

  5. hey kate-
    you should check out Philadelphia University. they have an excellent fashion program and tons of their grads work at Free People and Urban Outfitters.

  6. I never did, but always thought I would take a trip on a Greyhound bus. Oh, wait… I”M DOING THAT TODAY!!!! Denver, here I come!

  7. kate – we honestly have people from all different schools here – and some don’t even have backgrounds in fashion, so really wherever you end up going, if you are passionate about working here and are creative and a good fit for the brand, it wont matter where you get your degree :)

  8. model for free people <3

    By the way, I am starting to get materials to make my whole apartment decorated like free people <3

  9. First off, WOW! What a cool twist to the weekly Monday Quote! Second, the first picture is just wonderful! I love all the patriotic stuff you’ve been posting recently (the girl who makes those incredible sweaters and lives in NY, for example)! I never did, but always thought I would like to take dance lessons! I’m such a bad dancer! LOL! Maybe some day I will take those lessons. :) xoxo

  10. I never thought I would, but I followed my gut feeling and quit my job! I deserve to be appreciated and I don’t deserve to be treated like I am nothing.
    Follow your heart! <3

  11. I never did, but always thought I would like to take an archery class and be like Katniss from The Hunger Games <3

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