Office Style: I like what you got in the behind..

I love when somebody’s outfit is okay from the front, and then they turn around and all of a sudden its ace. They have that element of surprise in the back – a cool detail or bold statement. It’s like that old saying, business in the front, party in the back… or is that just about mullets….??? Either way, I love the trend, and these ladies have nailed it.


Picnik collage








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9 years ago

I also love that look, and whenever someone mentions it, I immediately think of my Pioneer Plaid Halter that I bought from the January 2009 catalog! My favorites from these pictures are the one that has the shredded tee with the stripes underneath, and the last one is so feminine and pretty. xoxo

9 years ago

I want the first top!!!!

9 years ago

Details are everything in my opinion especially when it comes to something simple. I feel that if a simple tee or something is going to be expensive, there should be something that sets it apart from knock-offs, whether it be the length, the back, beading or embroidery. The garment then becomes special and worth taking a second glance at. These tops all demonstrate that. :)

9 years ago

They’re all pretty amazing … but the double prints in the 2nd to last picture pretty much takes the cake for me. LOVE it.

9 years ago

aw i love the fifth picture down, that is one of my all time favorite old love of a free people piece! i have it to.. feeling inspired to dig it out of the closet and wear it myself!


9 years ago

Love all of these shots. I just started following you guys on and I am getting so much inspiration from all of you “around the office” shots. Looks like an amazing place to work.

9 years ago

What is the name of the top in the first picture? I love it?