Pitchfork Music Festival 2011: What to Wear?

Free People girls are heading to Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago this Friday for a festival fashion bonanza!

We love the bohemian and rock ‘n’ roll looks that many girls wear at festivals, so we’re heading there to take snap shots. Festival Fashion has become a huge source of inspiration, and we can’t wait to document the lovely looks. If you’re going be sure to keep an eye out for us –

We will be giving out fliers along with Free People bags for a 15% discount in our stores. Here are some looks we created mixing our bohemian looks with a rock ‘n’ roll flare ready to head to Pitchfork Music Festival 2011!

Suede shorts, leather ankle boots, a statement belt and a basic black top gives that relaxed rock steady feel.

Blank Suede Short, Legend Buckle Belt, Ten Oak Crochet Cuff Henley, Babylon Pouch bag

Here are some of our Chicago store girls’ looks.

Nothing  nicer than wearing a flowing maxi dress while dancing around to sweet music, mix it up by wearing it with cowboy boots.

Forbidden Garden Mesh Maxi Dress, Utility Pocket Belt


An easy breezy jersey dress, dressed up with fancy accessories.

Getaway Dress, Wayfarer Clasp Crossbody Bag, bows and arrows sandals


Go prairie with crochet for that 1970’s penny lane look.


Relaxed silhouettes are perfect for festivals, team a maxi with a light jersey, finished with a boho bag.

Convertable Maxi, Island Exlporer Racerback Vest,

We hope to see all our Chicago fans at Pitchfork! Are any of you going??


  1. I’m impressed by any girl who can survive a music festival in such pretty outfits. After my first Bonnaroo this year, I realized fashion sometimes takes a backseat to comfort. Never thought that phrase would come out of my mouth, but man the elements were extreme. Beautiful outfits though, especially the first one!

  2. Love the festival look! Jemma looks adorable in her outfit! I love the picture of the Forbidden Garden Mesh Maxi hanging up. It has such a vintage feel to it (maybe the lighting in the picture?). The Navajo Beaded Earrings! L~O~V~E mine! So glad I snapped those up! They go with so much, and are totally a boho statement piece! Also, the picture of the galloping horses is just beautiful! xoxo

  3. Hope to see you lovely ladies there! I work at Anthro in Chicago and can’t wait to exchange my structured dresses for my FP bandeau and high waisted midi skirt!

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